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Demon-Wracking Shout

 Cost: 10 Motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Min Occult: 5
 Min Essence: 5
 Prereqs: Ghost-Eating Technique, Power-Draining Whisper (From CB:T)

Sometimes, the power of Ghost-Eating Technique was not enough. When the servants of the Primordials learned that being dematerialized made them vulnerable to permanent destruction, their first response to any major threat was usually to materialize. As this made it much harder to permanently destroy the Primordials' fetiches, it caused a stalemate in the war until one enterprising Solar developed the power of the Demon-Wracking Shout, which was quickly disseminated amongst the Solar combatants.

When a Solar uses this power against a demon (and it can only be used on demons, though there are variant powers that can be used on ghosts or gods), the Solar and the demon engage in a contested Essence roll. The Solar may spend an additional 5 motes of Essence to buy an extra die on the roll, if he desires, to a limit of twice his Permanent Essence. If the demon wins, the power has no effect. If the Solar wins, several things happen to the demon.

  • First, the demon is immediately forced to materialize and cannot dematerialized for the remainder of the scene. If the demon is already material, then it is forced to remain so. Cosmetically, viewers will see the demon appear out of thin air, golden lightning writhing over its entire body. If the demon does not have enough motes to power the Materialize Charm, then the Demon-Wracking Shout will draw the motes from the Solar using it. If there is not enough Essence between the two of them, then both parties lose their entire Essence pools and there is no further effect.
  • Second, if the demon is killed during that scene, it is permanently destroyed, as if Ghost-Eating Technique had been used on it.
  • Third, the writhing golden lighting cripples the demon, slowing its movement and filling it with pain. The demon suffers a -2 penalty (considered a wound penalty) to all its actions for the remainder of the scene, and its movement score is halved.
  • Fourth, any time the demon wishes to spend more Essence in a round than its Willpower, it must roll Willpower, difficulty of the shouter's Permanent Essence, or the motes are completely wasted.
  • Fifth, the Demon-Wracking Shout will drive away the Silent Wind.

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Comments, Suggestions, or Flames

Looks good. Scary, which is appropriate for a Charm at that level. I might make it Occult\Performance\Essence 6, and let it affect all Spirits, which is probably more agreeable metaphysically. A mechanic to increase the pool being used in the contested roll would probably be appreciated, though I don't think it's neccessary -- perhaps sacrificing Health Levels on a 1 Bashing = 1 die basis or something, if you think physical sacrifice is in theme for the Charm. _Jabberwocky

I would strike the Heart Compelling Method, Performance Requirement, and the increase of the Virtue rolls. A Performance Charm (Essence 4) based on Performance could exclusively fill Demons with fear to the same effect. Additionally, a note that variations exist which will target Gods and Ghosts (unless you think they should be excluded for some reason) would be cool :)

Oh, also, what happens if a demon doesn't have enough motes to Materialize? Or do they materalize free of charge? DS

I thought it might feel kind of tacked on. I originally included it under the idea that this Charm would actually hurt its targets vocally, like the Abyssal Performance Charms can, but when I went to write up the Charm my concept for it turned out a little different. You're right in that it's no longer strictly necessary. And I completely forgot about Materializing and mote cost... *embarrassed face* I should include something about that... -Dorchadas