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Solar Lore Charms

Send Item

Cost: 3m per yard radius of the circle to imprint it, 3m to send item
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min Lore: 3
Min Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: None

The users must first imprint an invisible circle of essence in a designated spot. The circle must have a radius of at least 1 yard. Once the circle is made the user may expend essence and will the item to the imprited essence circle. The user must have owned the object for 24 hours prior to sending it. If the object was owned by a living person before the user then the previous owner can make a perception+awareness roll against the users lore+wits. If the previous owner gets at least one success over what the user got then he sees the user well enough to know what he looks like and he sees the circle and anything that might be inside the circle. If he gets three or more success than the user then he can see the user and the item laying down in front of the user. In addition the user fails to send the item to the desired location. You may only use this charm once per day on any given item.The item cannot be larger than the circle or the space left over in the circle.This charm doesn't work on items others are attune to.

Call Item

Cost: 5m
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min Lore: 4
Min Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms:Send Item

The user calls an item from the circle in Send charm to himself it appears on the ground right in front of him/her.

Summoning Storage Method

Cost: 1m to summon or banish
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min Lore: 5
Min Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms:Send Item, Call Item

User can will items into and out of Creation. The user can only store up to Essence X 3 in items and no item can be larger 50Lbxusers essence. The user must have owned this item for at least 24 hours. This charm doesn't work on items others are attune to.

Comments Please

Solars aren't telekinetic. It's just not their gig. They can occasionally do some things, like call their weapons to their hands, because it's dramatic and heroic..but levitating around pennies isn't really a Solar Exalted Magical Power Thing (tm). They do, however, use Elsewhere. Maybe you could alter these into some broad-use Elsewhere Charms. - Telgar

I changed it a bit, but I think I might try to make the other one I had up into and air aspect DB charm. I mostly made the first two charms for the last one. I was going for an item storage method for solars not so much telekinetic solars using the force.-Alicrast

They're still very telekinetic Force power. I would suggest that the basic Charm be the ability to instantly recall any item the Solar owns that has already sent to Elsewhere via any ability or power. Then the next Charm is the ability to send items they have a strong personal connection to into Elsewhere. Finally they can send any non-living item in their LOS into Elsewhere, but if it belongs to someone else there should be a resist roll. Though it wouldn't work on attuned artifacts or hearthstones or such. - Telgar

Sweet idea thx for the tip I'm going to do that ^^.-Alicrast

What do you think?-Alicrast

You're still making things too complicated. The first Charm should be more along the lines of "Spend 5 motes and retrieve an item the Solar owns from Elsewhere." The second more along the lines of "Spend 5 motes and send any item currently in the Solar's posession that he is the sole owner of into Elsewhere until recalled." and the third, while more complex, should still be fairly simple in that it comes down to a resisted roll between the Solar and the owner of the object he is trying to send to Elsewhere if indeed its owner chooses to resist the Elsewhere-sending. And impossible to use on Attuned items. - Telgar

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