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Stebtabulous' Solar Integrity Charms


  • CorrectedZeal: a Charm from Lords of Creation, that the group I game with thinks is I tried to fix it


Your charm should be on this page itself rather then its own page. above). Then if you have more charms to add you just put them on this page with their full description rather then another link and page. Its part of the best practices. -BogMod

Thank you for the suggestion BogMod. However I think I will try this format. I see it as much more viewer friendly and easier to browse.

This is more or less the same response as my Dragon-Blooded Athletics page. Actually under BestPractices it leaves this topic open ended and up to the writer. In addition to that, a format similar to this is being suggested (under ReaderCentricDesign) for the new format. From now on I will, however, remember to add my username at the beginning of the page names, so as to allow for others to use the same name.