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Hummingbird Emulation Technique
Any Direction Technique
Gravity Ignoring Method

Cost: 5 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Ability: 5
Min Essence: 4
Prereqs: Eagle-Wing Style

While known by many names, the effects of this charm are nearly always the same: Ignoring gravity, wind, and footing, the Solar focuses their will, and simply moves in the direction they desire. For the remainder of the scene, the character can move (Essence) their normal movement rate in any direction, including straight up, and remain at any location they desire, simply floating over the land with no fear of falling. This allows them to use normal movement rates (multiplied by Essence-1) in combat, or, if long distances must be traversed, their sprinting movement rate. This charm also provides for a modicum of protection against the airborne environment, preventing the character's clothing from ripping off in high winds, allowing him to ignore possible problems breathing, and other minor environmental effects. The speed and mobility granted by this charm is independent of other flight charms, allowing a character's total speed to be higher as long as both charms are in effect. As an example, if a character were to use Eagle-Wing style while this charm is active, and remain within the confines of that charm (altitude ceiling, extended arm), his total movement rate would be (Essence+1) times his base movement.


This charm is obviously based on CB:N's Eagle-Wing style charm. While that charm gives you a 3x movement rate, and require an arm be extended, and that you must keep moving, unable to go above a certain height, this charm, in true Solar fashion, attempts to simply ignore these issues, and trump right past them. I'm not too concerned about it possibly trumping the effects of Eagle-Wing style, as I'm trying to simply see what an Essence 4 flight charm would look like, rather than actually place it in a tree per se. As such, I note that here, and hope that any comments won't harp on the fact that "Well why would you need Eagle-Wing style after you get this charm?". -- GregLink

Well why would you need Ea... mrrrmnnrmrmr...
-- Darloth wanders off muttering

P.S - I think it's about right on power/prereqs front though.

Thanks for the comment (and the humor). I just wanted to vette the idea against some Wikizens to make sure I was on target for the power level. Besides - one of my goals in Exalted is to play Superman. This charm gets me one step closer... -- GregLink


I have it. When you use this charm AND eagle wing, togeather... you can hover normally, but if you DO extend your arm, you gain the increase in speed multiplier (+2) from eagle wing on top. For that extra oomph. How about that?
-- Darloth

Actually, I like that a lot. Good times. I've added some text above, and slowed this charm down slightly as a result. (Since all who get this charm will have eagle-wing style, and thus, could have a very high top speed indeed). -- GregLink

I now like this charm lots. I may use it in my game, but I think I'll have to rename it Glittering Hummingbird Stance.
-- Darloth