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Golden Rain Methodology</b>

 <b>Cost: 5 motes+, 2 Willpower
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Simple
 Min. Ability: 5
 Min Essence: 4
 Prereqs: Arrow Storm Technique, Rain of Feathered Death

A golden glow flows outward from the Exalt and suffuses his weapons. For the rest of the scene every arrow attack the character makes will leave a swirling contrail of glistening Essence in its wake, making the Exalt seem to be at the center of a shower of brilliant sun beams.

For the rest of the scene the character may make a number of attacks with his archery weapon equal to the weapons base Rate of Fire at his full Archery dicepool. Doing so counts as using an Extra Action Charm and the character may not benefit from this Charm and the effects of any other Extra Action Charm at the same time. The character can not split his dicepool in he same turn he uses the extra attacks gained from Golden Rain Methodology. The character may freely use Supplemental, Reflexive or Simple Charms or even a Combo if that Combo does not include Extra Action type Charms.

The total cost of this Charm is 5 motes for every point of Rate of Fire of the Archery weapon used. The character must pay the maximum cost of this Charm whenever it is evoked (so if the Rate of Fire of their bow is 3 they MUST pay 15 motes and 2 Willpower to activate this Charm). If the character ever loses contact with his bow for more than one turn the effects of this Charm end instantly.

Splintered Mirror Shot</b>

 <b>Cost: 8 motes
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Supplemental
 Min. Ability: 5
 Min Essence: 4
 Prereqs: Accuracy Without Distance, Shot Without Distance Exercise

The Exalt lines up his shot and draws back for a single shoot, then releases is arrow and it vanishes into a swirl of golden sparks. In reality the arrow has been fired into Elsewhere, and it travels through the strange non-space in the space of an instant. The arrow reemerges in reality already embedded in the body of his victim.

When fired this attack suffers no penalties for range or environmental factors such as wind and darkness. The character must still roll to hit, but this attack can not be defended against with blocks or parries, and reduces all Dodge pools to 0 before applying the effects of Charms. Finally this shot ignores the Soak of any Armor the target is wearing. The maximum range of this attack is the range of the bow firing the arrow.


Golden Rain Methodology is kinda weak for essence 4, don't you think? I mean... You don't get -free- actions with it, and its limited by rate, which is usually kinda low. For that massive commit cost, and 2 willpower, I'd be expecting more. Perhaps drop to 1wp and only 2m per point of rate?
-- Darloth

I'd take the opposite tack - keep the cost, but make those extra 2-3 shots totally free, and unencumbering. You can still split your pool, and those shots don't count against rate. Heck, I'd even be willing to allow other extra-action charms, as long as their effects lasted for less than one turn. - GregLink

I did consider the scene-long attack idea, but I didn't think that at essence 4, multiple per-turn automatic attack actions seemed valid. Perhaps I'm wrong, there's a siddy non-MA charm somewhere that might be good to at least get a vague feel for this sort of effect, but if you're getting two or three utterly free attacks per turn, I'd be tempted to push the charm at least 1 or 2 slots further up the tree, rvrn if you don't up it to essence 5.
-- Darloth