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Blurring Hand Motion
Cost: 1 mote per action
Type: Extra Actions
Duration: Instant
Min. Archery: 4
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Trance of Unhesitating Speed

Allows a character to make many more shots than they normally could, although without the supernatural elegance of the Arrow Storm Technique. By using the Blurring Hand Method, the characters declares any number of Archery actions. They then pay 1 mote for each of these. These attacks all have a penelty equal to the number of attacks being made, but no more.

In other words, a character with an Orihalcum Long Powerbow could normally split their action two times make two seperate shots at -2/-3. With the Blurring Hand Motion, they could instead pay 2 motes and make 2 shots at -2/-2. Alternatively, they could pay 5 motes and make 5 shots at -5/-5/-5/-5/-5. There is no limit to the number of shots that can be made like this.


Meh. I like the idea of this Charm, but it feels kinda weak. DS

It's not "kinda" weak, it's weak as a kitten. I'd charge a mote to reduce the general penalty rather than the particular penalty. Since this is an Extra Actions Charm, doesn't it automatically ignore Rate anyway? Finally, this feels rather Lunar in implementation, but it's good in concept. - willows

I wasn't terribly sure what kind of Charm to make it, actually. Technically, it's not Extra Actions- but it is conjouring actions out of no where that couldn't have otherwise existed by letting you excedde the Rate of the weapon. It's just not giving you additional full dicepool actions.

Maybe a better version would be a Supplemental Charm that removed the Rate cap and reduced the Multiple Actions penelty by up to Archery at 1 mote per point for the whole action, only paid for once and without that reduction counting as dice for dice adder cap purposes. Hmmm... DS

Go for it! Sounds appropriate... 4 or 5 shots at -0,-1,-2,-3,-4,-5, as opposed to less shots at more dicepool for more essence cost for the easier to get ToUS... May I suggest a max actions cap of Essence + Archery? Otherwise, even with -15 on the last shot, someone will actually be able to make 10 shots in a round for 5m of essence. (I'm confidant that somewhere, there is a solar archer with more than 15 natural dice-pool. Especially if they stunt.)
-- Darloth