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A place holder page for anyone who wants to organize information about social combat.

House Rules

Relative Appearance

Suggested by tk421 on the forum: Replace the rules for relative appearance (which pits Appearance vs. Appearance) with a DV modifier pitting the attacker's Appearance vs. the defender's Temperance. This avoids the somewhat odd construct that pretty people are somehow more resistant to persuasion and gives Temperance a purpose in social combat (as written, it is the only Virtue that isn't used). Plus, it just seems to fit what Temperence is supposed to represent.

Social Combat during Physical Combat

Social combat during physical combat is much more difficult, but myth and cinema are full of ongoing ethical debates between lethal opponents during epic battles. If two characters are locked in debate while physical combat is occuring, play out social combat actions as a series of Miscellaneous Actions (Speed 5, DV -0) which may be flurried with attacks or other actions. A single social action must be played out as a number of sequential Miscellaneous Actions equal to the Speed of the social action (so a Speed 5 social action requires five Speed 5/DV -0 Miscellaneous Actions, with the actual effect being rolled during the last action).

Canon Information: First Edition

First Edition contained no formal social combat rules, but rather a bunch of charms and effects with their own specific rules.

Canon Information: Second Edition

Social combat is covered in the Second Edition: Core Book, pp. 169-175.



Sample Social Units


I definitely like the Appearance vs. Temperence idea, and will certainly use it in my own games. I'm also throwing in my own, for integrating social combat with physical. -- Ialdabaoth