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Stuffity Stuff

This is a list of random things I've done on the Wiki that aren't otherwise linked to from my UserPage. This includes almost all the CommunalProject work I've done except for my Lexicon work (available at Shataina/Lexicon) and my NexusProject work (available atShataina/NexusProject).

CrunchRelay Pages I've Participated In

  • ArtifactRelay/Inquiry ~ Includes my Plate of Clever Digestion (Level 1), an uninteresting artifact intended to help gastrically inclined investigators.
  • HearthstoneRelay/Inertia ~ Includes my Stone of Fixed Relations (Level 1), which applies inertia to interpersonal relationships.
  • HearthstoneRelay/Kindness ~ Includes my Coin of Karma's Kindness (Level 2), which hastens karma's progress for the bearer when it comes to mercy granted and gained; inspired some argument.
  • ManseRelay/GemOfFalseDeath ~ Includes both my Bridge of Returned Echoes and Bright Web in Darkness.
  • ArtifactRelay/Betrayal ~ Includes my Vengeance of Dialahai-Jin (Level 5), a powerbow for traitors.
  • ArtifactRelay/Circles ~ Includes my Practical Joker's Token (Level 1), more powerful than it looks in the hands of the creative.

Review Pages I've Participated In