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Hello and welcome! This page lists general information on campaigns I run, in addition to information on upcoming campaigns. Feel free to browse around and use what you like. Comments are greatly appreciated, and can be added at the bottom of the page.

General House Rules

A multi-paragraph backstory is recommended for use in fleshing out the character, and for use as reference.

  1. My campaigns use the standard Exalted combat system.
  2. Purchase of any sorcery/necromancy charm comes with a free spell of the relevant type.
  3. The Dawn caste anima power works as per the description in Tomb of 5 Corners (If the defender fails the valor roll, they flee. If they pass, they lose 2 dice to all actions against the Dawn Caste.) for all uses except in large scale battles, where it functions as per the mechanics in the Exalted core book.
  4. Merits and Flaws must be thoroughly explained and justified. I reserve the right to withhold the freebie point(s) granted by any Flaw.
  5. Lunar charm XP costs reduced to 12/10 from 15/12.
  6. Cross type backgrounds are restricted and must have a plausible (preferably excellent) story justifying their purchase.
  7. Characters with the Familiar background may divert experience or bonus points towards advancing their Familiars, but only if trained by the character who purchased the background. Training times are doubled for advancment until the Familiar reaches an Intelligence score of 2 (which will be quite difficult to attain, depending on the Familiar).
  8. In normal campaigns, any character types are allowed so long as they as they don’t excessively conflict with or upset the current story. Specific campaigns will restrict certain character types.
  9. Combat stunts grant the character a bonus to their minimum damage equal to the stunt level (i.e. With a 1-die stunt, your min damage becomes 2). If another effect also increases your minimum damage, you must decide which to use. I reserve the right to withhold stunt dice if it is apparent the only intent of the stunt is to gain stunt dice.
  10. When attempting to purchase the subsequent (and identical) version of a charm (i.e. Ox-Body), the character is considered have a teacher whether he does or not.
  • Many of my House Rules were copied from DarkWolff's user page. I've changed the wording in some to suit my needs, but the bulk remain his. I highly recommend heading over and having a look.

Upcoming Campaign Information

With my current campaign coming to a close, it's about time to start presenting information on my upcoming campaign. Here goes!

The Blessed Isle is the keeper of many dark secrets. As Calibration quickly approaches, the entire Realm bustles with preparations for the celebration marking the end of an age. Five years have passed since the beginning of the greatest mystery of the era, the enigmatic dissappearance of the Scarlet Empress. The Imperial City is the center of the whirlwind of activity surrounding the Empress's funeral; but in the darkest corners of the Blessed Isle, something sinister stirs. These events have not gone unnoticed in the celestial city of Yushan, but rumors of escalating violance amongst the spirit courts continue to plague the minds of it's residents.

More to come, including details on how the player character's fit into the plot.


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