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Newbie to Exalted -- I've only ever played in two games, though I've got zillions of characters lying around -- talked into Wiki-ing by IsawaBrian. :-) Most of my offerings will probably not be playtested, and are likely to come sporadically at best.

2nd Edition

  • Korimenei, Twilight: an Icewalker barbarian with dreams of magitech -- and nightmares of biotech. (A PC concept, still in the works.)

1st Edition


  • Sarasvati Shai, Eclipse: a South-born, West-raised merchant captain with uncanny good luck and a truly nasty set of artifacts. (An active PC, reworked from an old AU Exalted concept.)


  • Ledaal Andante, Air: a dedicated, talented sorcerer with Sidereal training, haunted by nightmares of the Realm falling to Anathema. (A former PC, partially inspired by the character Andry from Melanie Rawn's "Dragon Prince" and "Dragon Star" trilogies.)

Edition Optional


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