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For.. all four of my characters.. =>.>= Hey, maybe more will go on! I dunno, this looks like fun to make characters for... now to just play them ;_;


Southlands Redux:

  • Beneficent Lion Heart Maiden: -Bonanza, but with a beautiful, arrogant, Flonne-ish(YES THAT IS A WORD) proud Eclipse instead of Ben Cartwright.
  • Cecilia: -Because sometimes, the law just needs to be laid down.

Lance's Game:

  • Xiao Xueshi -She's such an adorable naive little girl! ..wait, isn't that... Death of Obsidian Butterflies? @_@;

No Game, but kinda reserved just in case

  • Sala: -Pirates? Rock. Pirates with Cao Pi's Sword(s)? Rawk. Even better considerring who her Eternal Vow is to.. <3 <3 <3
  • Piercing Diamond Lover: -Because there aren't enough Courtesans.. especially Mata Hari like ones ^.^*

Passerby-Inserted Comments!

Hihi! I was wondering if you were every gonna link your charsheets to your main page. --RakshaBoy

Oi oi, Rutee. Went ahead and did so for you. If you don't like it, take it down --Ketrus
Hee, thanks hon.. now to hopefully *play* the game >.> --Rutee