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( I realize this page is still a little messy. It's a work in progress) -- RedThursday

Shozei Amilar Kanaka by RedThursday

Amilar Kanaka is a Shozei in the 7th Legion, 4th Field Force of Lookshy.

A career soldier, Kanaka earned his chops in the Seventh Legion, First Field Force, Second Reconnaissance Dragon where his flawless record and unconventional tactics earned him notice, and eventually his own command in the Fourth Field Force where “unconventional” is the name of the game. The smaller units, unique missions, and creative strategy of the Fourth Suited him just fine, and Kanaka soon began to rewrite the book on “Special Warfare.”

Name:Amilar Kanaka
Concept: Special Warfare Operator
Gens: Amilar
Motivation: Re-establish the old Shogunate for the benefit of Creation.

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3, Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Virtues: Valor 3, Compassion 2, Conviction 2, Temperance 2

Abilities: Linguistics 3 (Riverspeak native, High Realm, Old Realm), Lore 3, Occult 3, Stealth 2, Thrown 3, Bureaucracy 1, Investigation 1, Martial Arts 4, Sail 1, Awareness 3, Integrity 2, Resistance 2, War 3, Archery 2, Performance 1, Ride 1, Survival 2, Athletics 3, Dodge 5, Melee 3, Presence 1, Socialize 1||


Appearance: Tall even for a Lookshyan, slim, and fair, from afar he often appears to be thin and frail, but up close his broad shoulders and corded muscle belie his whipcord strength. Kanaka often seems to be leaning in to a stiff wind, and those near him feel a constant cool breeze, though his fitted uniform and shaven head betray scant evidence in even strong wind. His military career has given Kanaka great confidence and self respect, and his Immaculate upbringing has taught him that perfection of one's self is the first step to perfection of Creation. Thus, he considers personal fitness and good hygiene to be singularly important, shaving his head every day when possible and always appearing impeccably, if simply, dressed. On formal occasions he appears in the mirror-polished breastplate, bracers, and greaves over a gray uniform (complete with medals and full insignia) that is the trademark of the Fourth Field Force of Lookshy, but in more relaxed circumstances a simple, charcoal gray, duty uniform without insignia is more common. Kanaka never appears without his Black Jade Chain Daiklave, 'Eye of the Storm'.

Anima: During periods of high essence usage Kanaka is surrounded by a furious, painfully dry wind that seems to suck the moisture out of anything it touches, pitting and warping nearby objects and scouring flesh from bone.

Pertinent Battle Statistics

Join Battle: 6
Dodge DV: 10 (7natural, 9w/bracers, +1hearhtstone)
Soak: 1L/3B, 12L/10B/11Ag(in full armor), 5L/5B/4Ag(mundane breastplate, 4th Force standard)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Willpower: 7
Essence: 4
Motes: 13/33 (Breeding 4); (X peripheral committed)

Movement: Move 8, Dash 17, Dex+Ath 8, Distance 10 mph or 100 mi. per day
vertical 8 (w/anima 24), horizontal 16 (w/anima 48)
(movement/jump stats account for perfected boots, see 'equipment')


Unarmed Attacks
Spd Acc Dmg Def Rate
Punch 4 10 3B 6 3
Kick 4 9 6B 5 2
Clinch 5 9 3B 4 1

Eye of the Storm
as a: Spd Acc Dmg Def Rate Tags
Short Daiklave 3 13 8L 5 2
Chain Daiklave 3 10 9L 6 2 2MR
Dire Chain 3 10 12B 6 2 MR
Clinch Aid 4 11 10B 5 1 CMPR


  • Breeding 4
  • Resources 3
  • Command or Backing (military, Fourth Field Force) 1
Depending on the tone of the game, and whether ST wants extra NPCs around, this Background dot either represents a scale of elite soldiers under the command of Shozei Amilar Kanaka, or general support/backing form the Fourth Field Force, to be determined at start of play.
  • Retainers 1
This Background represents two retainers: Gochei Desert Wind (retired), a middle-aged Helot steward/butler/household aide; and Sochei Amilar Bodan, a younger non-exalted nephew of Kanaka, and his Aide-De-Camp/administrative aide.
  • Connections 2 (Intelligence Directorate)
  • Artifact 2
  • Arsenal 3
  • Manse 1
Kanaka holds the Hearthstone of a family manse in the hills of Marukan. The small (level 1) air manse produces a Jewel of the Flying Heart ( + 1 Dodge DV, +1 Accuracy to socketed Melee weapon) which is placed in the hilt of Eye of the Storm.



(If anyone wants to pick out charms for Kanaka feel free. It's my least favorite part of char creation. Kanaka most likely is not a practitioner of Immaculate martial arts)

  • Occult
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery


Kanaka probably knows and uses these spells.

  • Infallble Messenger
  • Raising the Earth's Bones
  • The Violent Opening of Closed Portals

Kanaka might know and use these additional spells.

  • Emerald Countermagic
  • Stormwind Rider and/or
  • Cirrus Skiff(for travel)
  • Empathic Wind(communication)



  • silken armor **, 1 mote (OC)
Durable Steelsilk “armor” in a simple cut, to be worn under a uniform
  • chain daiklave **, 4 motes (SotM)
Eye of the Storm, a black Jade chain daiklave, wielded in extended chain form, or as short daiklave


Standard issue items worn by a Shozei in the Fourth Field Force:

  • Jade breastplate *, 2 motes (core rulebook)
Gleaming Jade alloy breastplate to match standard uniform armor of the Fourth Field Force
  • hearthstone bracers **, 4 motes (core rulebook)
Gleaming Jade alloy bracers, worn with uniform
  • perfected boots*, 1 mote (WotLA)
Gleaming Jade alloy boots/greaves, worn with uniform

Advanced magitech; mission specific, issued as needed:
Special Purpose items may include nut are not limited to:

  • Dragonfly's Ranging Eye * to ****, 1-8 motes (WotLA, pg 59)
visual enhancement tech, used for special missions
  • Resplendent Personal Assistant *, 1 mote (WotLA, pg.58)
combined compass and timekeeper, usefull in coordinating precision attacks
  • Portable Geomantic Recharging Module ** (WotLA, pg 61)
for recharging atifacts such as essence weapons
  • Recorder of Everlasting Glories **, 1 or 2 motes (WotLA, pg. 61)
records anything occurring around the device, usefull for debriefing after a mission
  • Gloves of Martial Readiness ***, 8 motes
contingency plan, when subtlety is needed but force may be required
  • Discreet Essence Armor **, 5 +3 motes (WotLA)
see previous entry
Essence weaponry such as Concussive Essence Cannons or Implosion Bows


Born to a wealthy, moderately influential family in Gens Amilar, and schooled in traditional Lookshy manner, with stronger emphasis on history and Immaculate philosophy, there was little to set young Kanaka apart from dozens of other pious Amilar scions. Only his flexible nature and willingness to try out new ideas singled him out as anything more than the run-of-the-mill.

A strong traditionalist by nature, devoting considerable time to the study of military history and strategy, one may wonder how he reconciles his straightforward attitude with his anything-but-conventional battle strategy. When asked by his trainees “Shozei, why is someone who is supposed to be the foremost leader in unconventional battle tactics spending so much time studying the battles of the past?” he will often lecture to this effect:

“ Everything has already been done, and been done better, by someone else. The people of Creation have been fighting battle upon battle, war after war, for Ten Thousand Years. You think you have ever had an original idea that hasn't been though of by someone else? Just because you haven't heard of something being done before doesn't mean it hasn't been done, just that you haven't done your homework. The 'new' tactics that we apply are just old strategies lost to time and forgotten by today's commanders. I can take these old ways, dust them off, change this here and that there, update them with new techniques and modern equipment, and then maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to execute my strategy half as adroitly as the Legendary Generals of Old. When I can't find a strategy sufficient for the current situation I make it up as I go, ensuring that comprehensive records are taken, hoping that, somewhere down the line, someone studies my strategy and improves on it. Besides, you never know when the littlest piece of knowledge or twist of strategy could mean the difference between Flawless Victory, and just plain victory.”

Shozei Amilar Kanaka is always looking for an edge in battle. "If you're fighting a fair fight, you're doing it wrong" he says. Whether learning to utilize sorcery, taking advantage of new battlefield technology, or exercising a new strategy, he is willing to try almost anything to gain the upper hand, and rarely fights the straightforward battle. Despite this, Kanaka is still a traditionalist and pious follower of the Immaculate faith, and holds his honor in high regard. He will resort to stealth, subterfuge, trickery, and asymmetrical warfare; but will usually offer quarter to a defeated or surrendering enemy, and avoids collateral damage, accepting responsibility for the welfare of civilians and innocent bystanders. As such, certain methods, such as poison and disease, are off-limits.

Kanaka is a vocal member of the Interventionist party and wishes to tighten the bonds between the loosely affiliated states of the Confederation of Rivers, possibly bringing them under the protection of a reborn Shogunate.


(Note: This is not a starting build. A few additional Breeding and Background dots were awarded by the Storyteller based on style of play. In all other respects Amilar Kanaka is meant as a starting character. RedThursday)