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The 4th Field Force of the 7th Legion is known for being a "melting pot of new methods of organization and tactics"*. Based on smaller units with greater flexibility, the mission of the Fourth is to come up with new ways of defeating threats and to look at all possibilities in a given scenario. Employing such techniques as Sorcery and the latest battlefield tech, to using surprise and mobility itself as a weapon, the Fourth is on the cutting edge of unconventional warfare. The armor of the 4th Field Force is silver in color and polished to a mirror finish as part of their morning drill.

(*)CoTD v1 pg. 47


Shozei Amilar Kanaka:Air Aspect, Special Warfare

Notable Battles

RY 364 : Taimyo White leads the Fourth against the Arczeckh. White conjures "eyes of blood-red fire" in the sky to rain down fire and incinerate the army and it's chieftain Mokuu. White is immolated in the aftermath.