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Sublime Refinement of Matter

Celestial Circle Sorcery
Cost: 30 motes

All earthly materials are but a concatenation of the five elements, mingled together upon a weft of Essence. The master sorcerer may cleanse the Essence of matter of all detritus and impurity, transforming it into something finer. This spell transmutes any base substance into a nobler one. Tree bark becomes cinnamon, canvas becomes silk, lead becomes gold, and glass becomes diamond.

Each casting of the spell affects a single object no larger than a table or a suit of armor. Any mundane material can be transformed into something of value; the wealth provided by a single casting of the spell can provide up to five dots of Resources if used wisely. Food and drink become of the finest quality, no matter how foul, poisonous or inedible it may have been. Any mundane item can be likewise improved, becoming a Perfect item (see the Exalted Player’s Guide, page 145).

This spell cannot create any of the Five Magical Materials, nor can it generate substances not found in Creation. Exactly what a given material can be refined into is up to the discretion of the Storyteller.


Being that the ability to change Lead into Gold or any other substance into another is achieved by Mortal Alchemy of all things(albeit with a different formula for each), wouldn't this fit better in the Terrestrial Circle? ~ GoldenCat

I have to agree with GoldenCat on this one. This is a good spell, but for the most part it's effects can be mimicked (albeit it slower and with somewhat more difficulty) with thaumaturgy, which it doesn't really seem like you should ever be able to do on the Celestial Circle level. I'd say one step down on the Circle scale and maybe make it more like 20-25 motes (though not sure about that one, since you COULD use it to go from Resource 1 to Resource 5 in a very brief time). -- Greymane

I would say this is Celestial level, but making it cheaper would definitely be a good idea. My justification? If the DBs got their hands on this, it would have surely been mentioned somewhere. Also it seems to awesome for the DBs (no offense to the many fine DB sorcerors out there, please don't send your blood apes after me). So clearly the DBs do not have it. Still, it doesn't seem like a 30m effect. 20 +Resources value of target object motes sounds better. - Han'ya

DBs live in a money-less society on the Realm, pretty much, fabulously wealthy and caring only for things such as influence, though. Dragon-Bloods rarely seem to face much money troubles - in fact, the book assumes they are 'fabulously wealthy' even though you still need to buy the same Resources background as everyone else... and Terrestrial Sorcerers are already building castles overnight with Hopping Puppeteers and breaking the rules of birth with Neomahs! ~GoldenCat, Who is always amazed at how much Dragon-Bloods flaunt some rules, even if not those of *power*.
Good point. - Han'ya