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Who be me?

I'm Halloween, also on occasion known as, "Good God STOP my brain hurts". I'm an animation student and, while not into beer or hockey, shamelessly Canadian. I'm a chronic overcomplicator and I tend to tilt at windmills, so if I act like I'm terrified at little tiny problems, I'm not. It's just my way.

I like Exalted mainly because it's the only role-playing game that actually rewards you for being cool.

I also like stories, and play bagpipes.

Any questions? No.


Game's Etc

I am currently NOT playing in any games at the moment and this makes me unhappy. I've typically only done forum roleplaying over the 'net but I've recently learned that there's a whole group of people who use MSN, IRC, or some kind of audio conferencing to good effect. I'm really keen on getting involved in one of those games. If anyone knows anything about those I'd be very interested in joining.


Exceptionally limited as I just found out about this place... today. So I've only got a single hearthstone. This section will inevitibly get reorganized later. Tons o' fun.

The Times Stone

Manse •••, Sidereal
Trigger: Touching the stone to blank paper

This stone is a dull grayish lump of what appears to be congealed paper. Its powers are not immediately apparent and there have been several owners of these stones who have never divined their true purpose. While it gives the bearer increased essence regeneration as a level three hearthstone the stone’s real power only comes into play when the stone is touched to a pile of blank parchment. Immediately after being touched by the stone a fine tracery of lines spills out across the paper. These bands of ink gradually form into blurry but readable lines of text. The text, written by immaterial hands, details any significant events that have taken place within a twenty-mile radius that can be considered general knowledge. These things include the raising or lowering of tax laws, sudden inexplicable weather phenomena, major social or political events, or anything that is considered of “general interest.”

While this stone is not capable of uncovering things deliberately kept secret many Exalts find them invaluable for keeping abreast of the important things that have been happening in their immediate vicinity. The ink that this stone creates is perminant and paper cannot have this stone used on them more then once and an Exalt using this stone often requires a continuous supply of paper. The manses that produce these stones seldom exist in the wilderness.

Stop by. Have cookies.

I'd have to say, Exalted isn't the only game that rewards you for being cool. Have you ever taken a look at 7th Sea? -Panache

Can't say I have, is it any good? - H

I really enjoy it. It's out of print and has been for quite some time. It has a great swashbuckling feel to it, with a little sorcery in the mix. It's got it's balance issues, but nothing that's too hard to work out. Other mechanics are really cool, like Drama Dice--which the GM hands you when you do something cool. You can spend a Drama Die to aid in a roll, or save it for experience points (though I houserule that you still get the experience points if you use it). If you liked ThePrincessBride, PiratesoftheCaribbean, or TheThreeMusketeers, I highly recommend it.