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This page contains new Knacks, Charms and other resources for Lunar Characters that I've come up with. Changes and clarifications to existing Charms and Knacks can be found on my main page.


Wyld Mutations - New and Revised Wyld Mutations with a particular eye towards how they apply to Lunar characters.

Lunar Hero Style - My revision of the Lunar Hero Style of Martial Arts.


Gigas Assumption Technique:
Prerequisites: Hybrid Body Rearrangement, Towering Beast Form, Essence 3, Stamina 4
This Knack allows the Lunar to double the size of any of his forms by adding 3 motes to the cost to assume that form. Doing so increases the Lunar’s Strength and Stamina in that form by 2 each. For the purpose of Charms these Attribute increases count as Charm increase, not the character’s natural attributes even if used to increase the size of one of the Lunar’s true forms.
Sprite Body Method:
Prerequisites: Hybrid Body Rearrangement, Humble Mouse Shape, Essence 3, Stamina 4
This Knack allows the Lunar to reduce the size of any of her forms by half. Doing so adds 3 motes to the cost to assume that Form and reduces that form’s Strength and Stamina by 2 each to a minimum of 1. In addition add 1 to the character’s Dexterity, but her Move and Dash actions become (Dexterity – 1) and (Dexterity + 4) respectively. The character’s size also makes it difficult for her to wield most weaponry. Increase the minimum Strength requirement of all weapons by 1. Opponents suffer a -2 External Penalty on all attempts to strike the Lunar due to her smaller size.
Guise of Many Cousins:
Prerequisites: Changing Plumage Mastery, Appearance 3, Essence 3
This knack provides the Lunar greater variation over the appearance of her forms. She may now alter the apparent age of her form increasing or decreasing it anywhere from adolescence to old age. She may also alter the form’s height and weight anywhere within the normal range of possibilities for that form’s species. Neither change affects the form’s Strength or Stamina. The character may also make major alterations to her form’s general morphology including shape and size of facial features, amount of body hair, waistline and any other purely cosmetic changes. This greater degree of control over her form allows the Lunar to set the exact Appearance trait of her current form anywhere from 1 to 5.
This power becomes inherent to shifting shape and is not something the Lunar may alter without also changing shape unless she possesses Hybrid Body Rearrangement as well. She can change shape into a variation of the same creature, changing her features in the transition to a near-identical shape.

Strength Charms

Burrowing Claw Method:
Cost:5m; Mins: Strength 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keyword: Obvious
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms:Tearing Claw Atemi
The Lunar infuses her hands with her protean essence and transforms them into heavy tearing moonsilver claws. While this Charm is active, the Lunar's punches inflict +1L Damage, but the true purpose of this Charm is to allow the Lunar to tear through obstacles and burrow quickly through the earth. As a Dramatic Action that counts as a Feat of Strength the Lunar may burrow through the earth at a rate equal to (the Lunar's Strength) in yards per minute or half that speed, rounded up if she wishes to construct a tunnel that others can safely pass through behind her. Constructing permanent burrows that are meant to last for more then a few hours may require the use of other materials to provide support as well as an Intelligence + Crafts (Earth) roll at a varying difficulty depending on the project's complexity.
In addition to allowing the Lunar to quickly move through the earth for the purpose of breaking inanimate objects, especially fortifications of stone or earth, the Lunar may subtract her Strength from the object's Lethal Soak for the purpose of resisting the damage she inflicts upon it.
Vexing Gopher Technique:
Cost: --; Mins:Strength 4, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keyword: Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Burrowing Claw Method
This Charm permanently enhances Burrowing Claw Method greatly increasing the speed with which he can burrow through the earth. Once learned, this Charm allows the Lunar to burrow as a Speed 5, DV -2, Miscellaneous Combat Action moving through the earth at a rate equal to (the character's Strength) in yards per action. While the Lunar suffers a DV penalty as a result of this action, beginning on the following tick after he burrows into the earth opponent's may not attack the Lunar without a stunt unless they have a means of striking directly through the earth or the Lunar emerges from the ground again. If a character does manage to stunt an attack, such as driving a grand daiklaive through the earth into the Lunar apply a -3 External Penalty to the damage roll due to the attacker having to strike through the earth to reach the Lunar. However, burrowed characters are also incapable of launching attacks on other opponents without stunts unless they take another burrow action to emerge from the ground again.

Dexterity Charms

Moonsilver Mastery Technique:
Cost: --; Mins: Dexterity 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keyword: Obvious
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Lunar Blade Reconfiguration
This Charm permanently enhances the effects of Lunar Blade Reconfiguration. Increasing her affinity with moonsilver a Lunar with this charm learns to make the blade an extension of her body. In addition to the other effects of Lunar Blade Reconfiguration the Lunar may divide a number of points equal to her permanent Essence among the blade's Accuracy, Damage, Defense, Rate and Range. These points may be reflexively changed along with the weapon’s shape on each of her actions.
For the purpose of melee weapons increasing range allows the weapon to stretch and affect targets up to 1 yard further way per point invested, for Thrown weapons each increase in range adds 5 yards to the weapon's range and for bows each increase in range adds 10 yards.
Perfected Moonsilver Blessings:
Cost: 6m, 1w; Mins: Dexterity 4, Essence 5; Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Obvious, Combo-ok, Fury-ok
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Lunar Blade Reconfiguration
This is actually a collection of seven separate charms that allow a Lunar to temporarily refine her blade taking full advantage of the protean nature of moonsilver. Once this charm is active the attuned moonsilver weapon undergoes a radical physical transformation that lasts for the duration of the Charm. The exact transformation is partially based upon the Lunar’s anima, the blessing that is currently active and the weapon being affected. When activated with Relentless Lunar Fury the effects of the blessing last until the end of the Fury. Each blessing also has an additional attribute requirement that is listed in the description of the blessing.
Savage Fangs of Rending (Strength 5): When the weapon strikes this blessing causes the weapon to protrude jagged blades and spikes that bite deeply into the victim, exacerbating the wounds and greatly increasing the damage inflicted. Mechanically this causes the weapon to inflict lethal damage regardless of its normal damage type. In addition count all successes on the damage roll twice.
Coiling Moonsilver Viper (Dexterity 5): This blessing causes the weapon to extend and contract like a living creature allowing it to strike targets up to (the Lunar’s Essence x 2) yards away. In addition the weapon is far more difficult to parry or dodge as it shifts itself in mid-air to get around obstacles and strike through the target's defenses. Targets of attacks with the weapon suffer a penalty to their Parry Defense Value equal to the Lunar’s Essence and a penalty to their Dodge Defense Value equal to (half the Lunar’s Essence, rounded up). Lunar’s who use this blessing may also perform clinch attacks with their weapon.
Falling Night Cleaver (Strength 5): This blessing causes the weapon to nearly double in size becoming impossibly huge even for an artifact weapon, though the magic of the charm ensures that the weapon remains as light and easy to use as ever. Weapons enhanced with this blessing double their base weapon damage. In addition the post-soak damage can never be reduced below the wielder’s Strength + Essence and anyone successfully struck by the weapon must roll to resist knockdown with an internal penalty on the roll equal to the Lunar’s Strength.
Protection of the Silver Mother (Wits 5): The weapon becomes larger, partially becoming a shield that flows up and around the wielder's arm to block and protect its wielder from harm when she is not actively striking out with the weapon. As long as the Lunar continues to wield the blessed weapon increase her Parry Defense Value by her Essence. In addition the Lunar may reduce the DV penalties of all of her actions by 1 before applying those penalties to her Parry Defense Value. The Lunar may also ignore up to her Essence in Onslaught and Coordinated attack penalties with regards to her PDV.
Unerring Talon of the Falcon (Perception 5): The weapon becomes lighter, sharper and narrower able to target the weak points in an opponent’s defenses and pierce the far more vulnerable flesh beneath. Weapons enhanced with this blessing may ignore up to (the Lunar’s Essence x 2) points of soak from a target’s Armor. Apply this reduction in soak before applying any piercing effects the weapon may have. In addition reduce the weapon’s Accuracy by an amount equal to the Lunar’s Essence and add a number of automatic successes to all attack rolls made with the weapon equal to the Lunar’s Essence.
Moonsilver Monkey Pole (Dexterity 5): Weapons enhanced with this blessing become longer, lighter and far more flexible. Prehensile hooks, spikes and claws can also emerge from the weapon at will to catch onto and hold opponents and attacking weapons. Whenever an attack with the weapon is successfully parried or the weapon is used to parry another weapon treat it as a disarm attempt with a number of automatic successes equal to the Lunar’s Parry Defense Value. Against unarmed opponents, treat the attempt as a knockdown effect instead where the victim must check against knockdown with an internal penalty equal to the Lunar’s Parry Defense Value.
Nine-Headed Hydra Flail (Wits 5): Weapons enhanced with this blessing tend to extend multiple blades or heads that coil and lash perfectly copying the Lunar’s attacks or extending to strike multiple opponents at once before reforming back into a single weapon. The weapon’s rate becomes equal to the Lunar’s Dexterity, in addition reduce all multiple action penalties for attacks made with the weapon by an amount equal to the Lunar’s Essence.

Intelligence Charms

Stone as Water Concentration:
Cost: --; Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keyword: Obvious, Touch
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Any Intelligence Excellency, Clay-Wetting Practice
This Charm permanently enhances the effects of Clay-Wetting Practice allowing the Lunar to spend a point of Willpower to cause it to affect any object no larger then his Essence in cubic yards. Alternatively the Lunar may spend a point of Willpower to simultaneously apply the effects of Clay-Wetting Practice on up to his Essence in smaller targets, so long as he can hold those objects in one hand.

Appearance Charms

Cunning Moonsilver Concealment:
Cost: 5m or 1m; Mins: Appearance 4, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keyword: Obvious, Touch
Duration: Until released
Prerequisite Charms: Clay-Wetting Practice, Hide of the Cunning Hunter
This Charm allows the Lunar to extend her shapeshifting abilities to any moonsilver artifacts she carries and is currently attuned to. To activate this ability the Lunar must be touching a moonsilver object she is currently attuned to, then she wills it into a new form. Using this Charm a moonsilver artifact can be made into any mundane object that has a mass no greater or less then 50% of its original mass. This transformation lasts until the Lunar releases the essence invested in the Charm, the object ceases to be attuned to her or her anima flares to the 4 - 7 motes level.
While an object is transformed in this way it loses none of its inherent magical benefits unless those benefits have to do with its specific shape. Thus, moonsilver articulated plate will continue to provide its full soak value if transformed into a silk dress. You could also turn the armor into a backpack, but as it would then cease to cover the character's body it would no longer enhance the character's soak, though it would provide that soak to whatever was placed within the backpack. Similarly a daiklaive transformed into a steel sword would use the statistics of a steel sword for the duration of effect, but it would continue to benefit from the +2 Accuracy and +2 Defense bonus for being a moonsilver weapon. Hearthstone settings are considered a function of the artifact's shape, though the Lunar can choose to retain the setting in the transformed state if she wishes. However, hearthstones themselves cannot be transformed and as a result unless means are taken to hide it the hearthstone will be quite obvious as will the magical nature of the object.
Alternatively a Lunar can use this Charm to simply enact a cosmetic change upon an object she is carrying. This is most commonly done to make a moonsilver artifact to appear to be a jade artifact instead, allowing the Lunar to pass herself off as one of the Dragon-Blooded. Purely cosmetic changes like this only require the commitment of 1 mote.


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