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This is my FIRST EVER wiki!!! It is dedicated to my FIRST EVER Exalted game Promise of Ages. My character is a Lunar named Delphinus "Phinnae" Hydra. An orphaned island girl who seeks revenge for her family and tribe from the Pirates who decimated her childhood paradise. Along the way she is exalted, meets new friends and intends to wreak the fury of the 7 hells upon the people who upset her. She also likes puppies ;) To be continued .......


From the nikink/PromiseOfAges Campaign


Phinnae is 18yrs old, resident of island Tolinya in West Coral Archipeligo ( population 250 ). Eldeast daughter of a fisherman and shameness mother. She has long, blonde, curly, shoulder length, curly hair. At 5'10, she is tanned with a toned physique and big boobs. Phinnae spent her days on an island paradise. Helping to raise her brothers and sisters. Cooking, gathering and teaching along with the other women of her village, as is their duty. Phinnae is a bit of a free spirit. Always wandering off into the jungle to sit atop the foothills and watch the condors soar in the sky. She feels somewhat restrained by the male dominance in the community but is accepting of her place.

Eldest of 5 children ( 2xbrothers, 2xsisters)

  • Moleefa: 15yrs (B)
  • Ventruna: 13yrs (G)
  • Tarop: 12yrs (B)
  • Mitirina: 7yrs (G)

Father - tribal elder and excellent fisherman

  • Teret Hydra: 34yrs

Mother - medical shamaness

  • Loresta Pelodipus: 32yrs

A gang of pirates known as the Marauders of the Deep terrorising the region. ??Looking for something.

They have devastated her village, killed her family and friends ( Father, Moleefa, ?Mother ). Phinnae is captured by the pirates and learns her sister Mitirina has been as well but is being held on another boat.

Enraged by the indecency of her captors, Phinnae and the other slaves revolt while on board and overthrow the crew. The Boat is then attacked by a giant Kraken which threatens to drag them to the ocean floor. Phinnae foolishly/bravely leaps onto the Kraken and begins to fight it off. In the middle of the battle she exalts. Meets Luna, has a bit of a natter and returns to vanquish the Kraken.

Upon returning to her village she is met by her mentor HamishThePatient. After a few trials Phinnae is initiated into the Silver Pact as a Full Moon Caste and the silver tattooing of her body is completed. However. Phinnae is eager to help rebuild her village and only "studies" her Luna stuff in between. Hence there are some gaps in her knowledge.

Her spirit Form Anima is the Condor. Ever present in the skies above Tolinya. It represents Phinnae's desire to be free. She also wishes this for everyone. Her mentor also bequeaths to her a Moonsilver Powerbow after Phinnae demonstrates prowess at Archery ( ? due to all the spear fishing, training with brothers and shooting of coconuts from trees ). It is called "Boris".

Still struggling with the death of her family and friends she decides to single handedly bring down the Marauders of the Deep, find her sister and help others enslaved by the more unscrupulous of Creation.

She journeys to the mainland and down to Cherak searching for clues as to the whereabouts of her sister. Along the way she learns different languages and traditions of Creation. She discovers the unholy reputation of Anathema and something called the Wyld Hunt. She helps others where she can and has a current lead in Nexus. A company called the Wujin-shi Tea Company.

While in Nexus she meets some strangers who like herself are not quite what the seem.....

Phinnae's Record of Awesomeness


<b>Strength •••• Dexterity •••• Stamina •••

Charisma • Manipulation •••• Appearance ••

Perception •••• Intelligence ••• Wits ••••


<b>Archery 5, Athletics 2, Awareness 4, Dodge 3, Integrity 2

Martial Arts 2, Melee 3, Resistance 3, Linguistics 2, Sail 2

Stealth 3, Survival 4, Investigation 1, Lore 1, Medicine 2

Crafts 1

  • Wood ( arrows )


Moonsilver Powerbow ( <b>BORIS )

  • Speed 6, Accuracy +1, Damage +3L, Range 450 yards


  • Ox Body Technique x2
  • Bruise Relief Method
  • Wind-Wings Carry Technique
  • Eagle Eye Advantage
  • Wolf Eye Advantage
  • False Burrow Pursuit
  • Finding the Needle's Eye
  • Relentless Lunar Fury


  • Deadly Beastman Transformation
    • Part Woman, part Condor
    • Giant silver wings spreading from her back
  • Humble Mouse Shape
    • Fish
    • Doormouse


There once was a girl named Phinnae,

The Pirates she defeated them many.

The Kraken came down,

She exalted, then crowned

The poor Kraken, it felt like a ninny.


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