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Hi. I'm the founder of the ExaltedLarpProject, an attempt to convert the rules of Exalted into Mind's Eye Theatre for the express purpose of making it Larpable.

When not working on fitting a square peg into a round hole, I attend UC San Diego, and am a Theatre Major, comic book enthusiast, and of course, LARPer. But enough about me, go check out the ExaltedLarpProject.


I'm intrigued to see how you're gonna convert this.  :) I don't think you're going to need to go into what a LARP is, or if you really want to, you might as well just steal the MET definitions from White Wolf's published material. Anyway, I highly doubt anyone on the Wiki is gonna need any of the baseline definitions and I wouldn't be surprised if a fair portion are familiar with MET as well. So, in short ... if I were you, I'd focus less on the basic definitions etc and more on the meaty conversion stuff and Exalted-specific questions. I think you'll get more feedback that way.
~ Shataina