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Sorrowful Epic Performance: A Mind�s Eye Theatre Conversion of Exalted

About Larp

Larp. Live Action Role Playing. In a normal tabletop game of Exalted, the players and storyteller sit around a table, narrating or describing their characters� actions and dialogue. Many Many Many d10 are used. In a Live Action game, the players act out their characters� actions and say their character�s dialogue to the best of their abilities. In this system, a single d10 is used. (or a viable alternative.)

Live Action Roleplaying comes in two varieties. Action LARPs: where combat or adventure is generally the main focus. Rubber or padded weapons are generally used, so that combat can be as real as possible without causing actual physical harm. The Society of Creative Anachronism is probably the best example of an action LARP you�ll find, though it isn�t exactly a perfect fit.

Drama LARPs: where character interaction and intrigue are generally the main focus. Combat is either not dealt with, or simplified to abstracts, so that even if a person in real life is incapable of yielding a sword, their character can be.

Why Larp?

In LARP you can get a greater sense of character immersion. You are doing what your character does. Well, as much as possible. You can act out an argument within your Circle, but you can�t really act out jumping 60 feet into a tree and using the branch to recoil you at your opponent.

About Mind�s Eye Theatre

Mind�s Eye Theatre is WhiteWolf�s rule system for LARP, based off of the Storytelling system. It's easier to use and gets faster results, at a loss of some complexity. This conversion is based off of the previews of the new Mind�s Eye Theatre Rulebook, which is set to be released in May. Come the release of that book, this conversion will likely be altered to match, and/or information removed so as not to infringe on White Wolf�s intellectual property.

On a related note, just because these rules are meant for LARP, doesn�t mean they can�t be used in tabletop play. These rules are slightly streamlined, and thus might be useful for groups who want to simplify their Exalted games.

About This Conversion

The goal of this conversion is to make it possible for Exalted to be Larped, using standard character creation methods, and with the least amount of rules changes. Every challenge must be able to be resolved with a single d10.

The System

Attribute + Ability. You�re all familiar with that equation, yes? Normally, you add them up, and roll that many d10. But in this system, you add them up, and then add a d10 to that number.

So the main basis of this system is Attribute+Ability+d10, versus a Target Number. For example, if I�m trying to tie an intricate knot, I�d use my Dexterity, which is 3, and my Craft, which is 2. 3+2+d10. I roll a d10, and get a 3. So the result is 8. The difficulty 1 target number is 10. Every two numbers past the target number count as an additional success.

10 is Standard � Difficulty 1 12 is Difficult � Difficulty 2 14 is Challenging � Difficulty 3 16 is Nearly Impossible � Difficulty 4 18 is Legendary � Difficulty 5

The target number, and success numbers are still in flux. I haven�t fully playtested this yet. Your assistance in seeing how this works is much appreciated.

Rules of Ones and Tens If you get a 1 on your d10 (or whatever you use to get an equivalent result), you botch. If you get a 10 on your d10 (or whatever you use to get an equivalent result), you roll again.

D10 Alternatives

Veteran Larpers know that rolling dice isn�t always possible while larping, as you may be in a situation where either you can�t be carrying dice, or that there aren�t any surfaces to roll upon. Whenever this system calls for a d10, it just requires a 1-10 random number generator.

The simplest alternative is to take a deck of playing cards, and remove the face cards. Then, whenever a d10 is needed, simply draw a card. If you are concerned about players cheating, then an alternate method is available. Have two players draw a card, and add their numbers together. The one�s digit of the resulting number is then used.

A d10 placed in a plastic bubble, the kind you get from those vending machines that sell toys, will also work, though make sure you can see the d10.

If you absolutely can�t use a prop, then here is a viable, if somewhat difficult to explain, alternate. Player A is making a challenge. Player A and the Storyteller then both put out a number of fingers between 1 and 10. Player A puts out 8 fingers. Storyteller puts out 5. 8+5 equals 12. The one�s digit is then used, which gives player A, a 2 for his roll.

On Larping Combat

Don�t do it. Really. These rules aren�t meant for Exalted Combat. I mean, you can do it, but it will be disappointing. Well, there are some benefits to Larping combat, which is that the locations of characters next to each other and their exact movements are a lot easier to grasp when you can see them in front of you. But Exalted Combat is a very intricate puzzle, and these rules kinda tried to put a square peg into a round hole.

Now, these rules are assuming that you aren�t actually hitting each other. I mean, it�s impossible to fight in real life like an Exalt would fight. We�re just going through the motions, and NOT HITTING THE OTHER PLAYERS. Describe your action, make the movement, but don�t even touch them. The chance of seriously hurting someone, even on accident is too great.

Now, as for the question of props. I personally suggest using cardboard cutouts of whatever weapons your character would yield. This gets over the size problem that Daiklaives have, as you can hold a 7 foot tall blade of cardboard much easier than you can a 7 foot tall blade made out of Jade. (and if you find one of those, let me know!) In addition, it also removes the chance of accidentally beheading the other players. Oh, and Warstriders? I�m saying no to them. Thou Shalt Not Use Warstriders In Larp. For It Be Too Difficult To RP and A Waste of Time. (Of course, upon saying that I�m inspiring someone out there to do so.)

Okay, after reading all that, are you ready? Well, I�m not. These rules are very very loose, and your suggestions are appreciated.

Attacker: Dex + Pertinent Ability � Penalties + Bonuses from Charms, etc. + d10 Vs Defender: Dex+ Pertinent Ability � Penalties + Bonuses from Charms, etc. + d10

If the attacker has a higher number than the Defender, we then proceed to step two.

Attacker adds his Weapons Bonus to his number. Defender adds his Soak Value to his number.

They compare values again. For each success the Attack has (a success being 2 numbers past the target number) a health level of damage is dealt. This is not including the one health level lost automatically for succeeding to hit.

If you want to simply things more, adding the weapons and soak to the initial challenge speeds things up, but reduces realism. I�m also unsure of its effect on the system over all. I�m not really that great at game mechanics.

Your comments are appreciated.

Charm Conversions

This is going to be the tough part. For the most part, any time you are supposed to add dice to your dice pool, simply add the number to your total. I think this should be easy to do. Since I don�t have all the books, I really require the help of the rest of the Wiki in this.

In addition, any charms that require special attention in LARP form should be given some. Social-Fu charms will get special treatment, once I figure out what that is.

Sidereal Target Number Changing is totally beyond me on how to realize it in this system. Your guess is as good as mine. I think either allowing them to reroll more than just 10s, or add a bonus to whatever number they get on their d10 is a possibility.

Closing Notes

I'd like your help on this. Advice, ideas. Eventually I'd like to add a section on how to make costumes for Exalted Characters without going broke. Tips on how to act out using Martial Arts with out actually hitting opponents. And tips on how to storytell an Exalted Larp.

Also, I'd like a better name for this than "Sorrowful, Epic Performance." Perferably something that sounds like it could be a Charm Name. Any auggestions are welcome.

This is a really rough draft, and I appreciate your looking over it. Thanks a bunch.


C'mon, man. LARP Warstriders would be fantastic. Can't you see the guys wearing refrigerator boxes labeled "I AM A SOULSTEEL ROYAL WARSTRIDER?" Win! -- AntiVehicleRocket

AVR's comment here is cruel, hilarious and makes an excellent point. Exalted is about cinematic supernatural kungfu arsekicking at the pinnacle of colossal desert towers in a sandstorm as it comes down around you; it's the kind of thing that simply cannot be done IRL.
How do you represent otherworldly athletic feats, energy-laden sweeps of daiklaves, and other common staples of Exalted in reality? Exalted captures the essence of the fantasy genre, and funky anime and martial arts films in particular: where nothing matters but unadulterated cinematicism. The real world isn't cinematic at all, and IMHO you're going to have serious problems trying to reconcile the two...DeathBySurfeit
I don't think that the problems are necessarily gonna be any greater than they are for LARPing, say, a bloodsucking fiend who's capable of running faster than light and turning into a giant blood monster. Looks like the solution is going to be the same as it is in the LARPing of other White Wolf games: don't fight, guys. It's nice to see someone getting something out of Exalted besides the oft-parroted "this is about cinematic kung fu".
~ Shataina
A good point; I merely consider other systems (and other LARPing systems, too) as more capable of capitalising on other sides of roleplay. It's perfectly possible to have a Nobilis dungeon crawl, or D&D game of political intrigue, but this doesn't mean that this is what the system is best at catering for...DeathBySurfeit
Well, a Dynastic power struggle falls perfectly into LARP territory, IMHO. -LiOfOrchid
Very true...DeathBySurfeit
I have looked at this problem before and one thing that the group found was the difficulties of anima banners. It's all very well saying don't start combat but let's face it, you can go to the quietest Camarilla court in the world and someone will kick off! Dragon Blooded are probably the easiest to convert into LARP terms as LiOfOrchid mentioned.
Oh, and the Warstrider question? Someone in Canada (I think) has made a full body golem costume (it's out there in webdom somewhere) which could be easily modded to make a warstrider! Of course actually wearing one depends on whether or not you object to looking like a Power Rangers monster.... ~FaeWitch

How about using the rock-paper-scisor technique? You end up with a 6.6 as a dificulty number because of it, so you might reduce the number of skill points and charms given to a character. In a challange you get as many attemtps as your ability+skill permits and you are looking for a particular number of successes, or see in combat who has more successes in an opposing challange. Might take a little bit longer than the ability+skill+d10, but will negate the need for cards, dice, etc. -Miles

  • The Golem you're probably referring to is from New Zealand, do a web search for Mordavia. Frankly, I think the 'do not hit each other' thing is nonsense. WW only invented it to avoid law suits. The Brits have been hitting each other with realistic looking props for 30 years, and they're fine. United Kingdom LARP systems like Grand Design, Treasure Trap and Shards have had 'extreme' rules for hand to hand combat for years. The key to do doing Exalted as a LARP is the politics and grand scape(again, see Grand design) not the 'OMFG, I can leap 100 feet in the air'. For more on UK lrp, go to PAgga.net- Edward_Fortune
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