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Greetings and salutations, I plan on posting some storylines and imputing here and there. Feel free to use anything you want or help me out; I’m new to the Exalted world.

I. Obsidian Falls

The Ninth Lashing Tongue was silent in the company of the greatest Lunar assembly this age had ever seen.
After what appeared to be reflection he leveled his eyes to Dower The Green. “Finally,“ he said. “As the
breath of my lord’s axe whispers on my shoulders, I shall tell you of what befell creation”. He was not
unbound. The Green One had planned to make an example of him. There were too many dark wanderers passing
unnoticed through the forest, and all who fell captive had stories to tell.

No, The Great Green One thought. This ones blood will run black for all to see.
I will light his totem and toast with his hollowed head.

He raised is hand to signal the sentries. Immediately they shifted to their respective forms: a mantis and a viper. The Ninth Lashing Tongue quickly was twisted as his arms were pried open and held by Pragma the fifteen foot mantis. His legs were bound by the scales of Donovan the Serpentskin. He hung begging, bowed with his chest and neck vulnerable to the Great Green Will… It was only when he saw the fabled Moonsilver axe that he continued in recognizable speech.

“The thunder in the South fell to bind them all and bind they have. The lords of death no longer hold leashes Green one!”

Dower approached, and as he did he seemed to gain grace by growing legs. Eight of them all told when he burst from his moss eaten robe and began to draw his stroke. As he lifted Tollbringer, the moon’s crescent edged the highest blade and threw light into the eyes of all who were there. It erupted into white flame.

It was then that the forest drew a shallow breath and the air went cool. The trees all bent inward and what light was given to Tollbringer receeded to nothing. Darkness swept the gathering. The Ninth Tongue wagged the language of Blagrid, a trance known only unto this remaining voice. Had any mortal heard an utter of Blagrid, or only a few lagging sounds, they would have been brought to their knees in fire, screaming as the sweeping darkness scattered them like ash. The effect on Exalts however was more like stone.

Though he could not have escaped, the Ninth Lashing Tongue of the Yozi could have struck Dower a blow or perhaps even more. It was in these few moments that the Great Green Spider Dower decided to hear his council. Surely, he thought, one with the power to dim Tollbringer would not have given himself to capture. Ninth Lashing Tongue released the spell and the Lunars that were there. With his newly freed hand he pointed to the moon. On it he drew an hourglass. “This is the sign of Mammon,” he said. “It marks the coming of destruction.” PennywiseTheClown/Questionforanyone


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