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PearlOrchid is a site dedicated to the Eclipse Pearl Orchid and her circle of fun-loving, and mostly gorgeous (yep, I was the sucker who paid tons for dots that don't really have charms or skills associated with them) Solars, all of whom will be laid out nicely when I actually create them. For now, it is a work in progress and they don't exist.

The Circle

PearlOrchidHoneyedThistle Honeyed Thistle (female) is a Dawn who doesn't follow the stereotypical traits of her caste.

PearlOrchidSweetIris Sweet Iris (female) is a Zenith who is part prostitute, part priest.

PearlOrchidHarvestMoon Harvest Moon (male) is a Twilight who takes magic into a fiercer, less scholastic realm.

PearlOrchidFrozenLotus Frozen Lotus (male) is a Night who likes playing in the dark.

PearlOrchidPearlOrchid Pearl Orchid (female) is an Eclipse and the captain of this ship.

Other Ideas

TheMythMakers The Myth Makers is a page dedicated to a series of Exalted around whom legends are told today. Definitely a work in progress.