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The Myth Makers

The Myth Makers is a page dedicated to a series of Exalted around whom legends are told today. Definitely a work in progress. What I do with these characters is anybody's guess. They may simply be names and concepts, or they may become fleshed out.

First Age


Eva (Lunar) - a snake-form Changing Moon (once Waning I would think) who conspired against her Solar husband, Hadom. Mother of the snake people of the East

Hadom (Solar) - a Zenith who grew too righteous for anyone's good

Lilith (Lunar) - White Wolf has already made her . . .

Chemosh (Solar) - a Night who fell in a deal with some demons


Ganesh (Lunar) - an elephant-form Full Moon with the many arms gift of Luna

Kal (Solar) - a power-hungry Dawn who fell to her hunger


Mithra (Solar) - one of the earliest Zeniths of the Western edge of the Central lands


Ygeia (Solar) - a Twilight full of compassion and learned in the ways of all things medicinal, although not as memorable as others of her lineage. Her Lunar lover, Iaskepol, used her lore to create his own magic and became more famous after her untimely death.

Iaskepol (Lunar) - a horse-form No Moon who betrayed his lover Ygeia to the Dragon Blooded and made her works immortal in his name.

Clopte, Lakis, and Adrepis (Sidereals) - a trio of Serenity, Secrets, and Endings, who never are apart and meddle in the lives of humans as chief officers of Destiny


Morgana (Lunar) - a powerful No Moon who ran to the Wyld and was never seen of again except in dreams of the Fair Folk and the Northern people

Birgid (Solar) - a Northeastern Eclipse who worked closely with the Lunars of the East, who became a talented smith in all of the then-extant Magical Materials


Aster (Solar) - a Zenith who combined both the arts of fighting and loving into a dangerously perfect form

Second Age


Freja (male name Frey) (Lunar) - a hawk-form Changing Moon (Waxing, perhaps?) who just loves sex in all its forms

Lhoki (Sidereal) - a trickster who sold his gifts to the Dragon Blooded in exchange for wealth


Tlaloc (Solar) - my played-out Zenith, who brought frequent rain to his desert peoples through a number of Manses


Parest (Sidereal) - a beautiful youth with a penchant for starting fights, making love, and ducking out (generally in that order)

Medean (Lunar) - a shark-form No Moon from the West who took to the air with her self-created familiar, an Ocean Dracon


Guanik (Fair Folk) - a beautiful Fairy who hides among Creation in the folds of lotus blossoms. She secretly does great works for the peasants of the Realm in hopes of mending some of the damage done by her people.


Gwyn (Lunar) - one of twins abandoned in the Northern wilderness, she is a Changing Moon who takes the form of a hawk, and never leaves her sister's side

Vera (Lunar) - one of twins abandoned in the Northern wilderness, she is a No Moon who takes the form of a snowy lion, together with her sister she fights for her people. They share two brothers from the Northeast as their lovers


Bas (Lunar) - a cat-form No Moon who has seduced many a sorceror in order to learn of his lore

Othot (Lunar) - an ibis-form No Moon who has made it his business to avoid the ways of Bas and has begun to traffic with Necromagic

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