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Get offa my propetah! *cocks shotgun*

Oh wait, this is a Wiki. Well you'd better make yourself at home. Now why don't you sit down, have a nice cup of coffee, don't say anything about the bodies if you know what's good for you, and we'll see about finding you what you want:

About me

So you wanna know about me eh? Well to be honest there's not really that much to tell. I'm a British student who likes to game, particularly Exalted, and who felt like building a userpage.

My stuff

creatures/Talavos- A Yozi I created on a whim, basically a very, very angry shared hallucination.

Other People's stuff that I like

Uh... come back later.

Fun place to leave your comments, criticisms, death threats, and letters of surrender.

Where in the UK are you from? - Kraken

At this moment in time, Sheffield. - Paranoia833