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= Numerology = 

It said in the alchemical book that they use numerology as a kind of thaumaturgy, cursing/blessing with numbers. I created some basic spells, but We need your help to make more.

I decided that it would be another way of percieving essence entirley, in a matrix style way. the world (and everything in it) is made up of a lot of numbers, and by altering these numbers, you can alter the world.

here is the link to the page that I have put my samples on Alchemical army/Thaumaturgy

We also need a levelling system for this. I decided to have 9 levels, one for each digit. I would just say that 1st degree = levels 0 through to 3, 2nd degree = levels 4 through 6, etc. But when i made the spells, they ended up too powerful.

Here are some very rough concepts that I thought of for higher levels-

  • counjoure/summon things, eg a creature, or a weapon
  • an attack goes through you
  • add temporary health levels
  • summon portals to other places
  • long range communication
  • Teleport
  • change shape (self)
  • change shape (others)
some spells are more powerful than others.