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Ascending Air, 769

City of Gold

  • Week 1 Beginning 1st ::
    • Calm before the Storm...
      • [Leath's notes actually had Week 1, then Calibration, then straight into Week 2, which would actually make this week 'Week2', but that threw out a few established dates, and besides, most of his notes are approximate anyway, so this way the notes have an inbuilt cushion of 7 days... - nikink
  • Week 2 Beginning 8th :: [Leath Notes]
    • Blessed departs Albin'Shar with intelligence for his lord
    • Cyclone attempts to follow to learn more. After four nights of following, Cyclone is ambushed and destroyed.
    • Realm forces learn of Lookshy alliance and seek alternative means of delivering troops.
    • Lookshy troops complete camp.
  • Week 3 Beginning 15th :: [Leath Notes]
    • Lookshy recruiters enter Albin'Shar, looking for citizens to train. They take the first 200 back to camp for training (2 months basic + 1 month specialising).
    • Stromberg builds temporary lookout towers along new borders. With Dragon-blooded assistance bound demons are used to begin construction of more permanent fortress-cities within striking distance of Albin'Shar.
  • Week 4 Beginning 22nd :: [Leath Notes]
    • Banyan Civilised returns to his birth city after hearing about it's return from the No Moons. He begins to acquaint himself with his people once more.
    • Word arrives in Nexus that the Solars have left the city on business. Several Guild slavers take this as the perfect opportunity to gain some attractive high-value slaves.
    • Watcher sends Blessed back to Albin'Shar, accompanied by Peace. Sounds is sent South with an army to follow rumours of Naz'shiar's whereabouts.

Rings of Iron and Glass

  • 8th :
    • Game Begins! Hurrah!
    • The Deathlord, Resplendant-Vision-Of-The-Perfection-Of-Oblivion, summons her loyal Deathknights, Beast of Seven Lamentations, Beggar in Draconic Glory, Obsidian Totem of Dark Aspirations and The Silent Scream of Shaded Death that Awaits the Burdened Soul Blooming with the Fear of it's Own Destiny within the Effervescent Void of Eternal Darkness (Hereafter to be denoted by: Beast, Beggar, Totem and Bubbles) to her throne room at the bottom of the Spiral.
    • Resplendant-Vision-Of-The-Perfection-Of-Oblivion makes known her desire to cause the nearby Kingdoms of Pati and Etheria to war with each other.
    • The Circle departs her presence and each prepares.
  • 9th - 28th :
    • The Abyssals depart the city of Dathnor, leading some 1200 troops, under the direct command of Beggar
    • The troops are split into two Dragons [Fire and Water] and each Dragon is sent to the borders of one of the Kingdoms.
    • Each Dragon is assigned with the task of waiting at the borders for a week(?) and then departing back to Dathnor, with the goal being to generate fear and confusion among the populations of the two kingdoms.