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Immortal Kombat - Match 5

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Transitory Ardent Assimilator (Thousand Wounding Gears Style)


Hestia (Crystal Chameleon Style)

Match rules:

Competitors started 39 yards apart in a steamy bayou swamp. Millions of midges, mosquitos and leeches swarm in the still and humid air of noon. Moss and mud slicked tree trunks break through the shallow muck filled water with casual abandon. The cacophonous sounds of birds, frogs and larger wildlife echo through the air.
Penalties for difficult terrain are in place
Full character build (including all Artifacts) allowed.
To the death(ish).

Tick -1

Transitory Ardent Assimilator and Hestia Join Battle!

TAA gets a meager 3 successes however Hestia only gets 2.

Tick 0

TAA spots his opponent through the trees and vines of the bog. Unsure of his opponents capabilities he crouches low and watches, waiting for some indication of his opponent's weaknesses.

(Speed 3 DV 0)

Tick 1

Hestia spies the Moonsilver Alchemical glistening in the shade of an old ragged tree, knee deep in the muck. With a roar she transforms into her mighty war form and whips herself into a fury.

(Speed 5 DV -1) (Deadly Beastman Transformation + Relentless Lunar Fury)

Tick 2

Sense that the time is right TAA makes his move. He activates his Guarded Strike array and launches his golden gyro-chakram. The buzzing disc swoops at Hestia three times, biting deep on the first and last passes.

(Activate Array, Flurry 3 actions, Speed 4 DV -3) (Hestia takes 6L and 5L)

Tick 3

Tick 4

Tick 5

Tick 6

With a mighty roar Hestia launches herself across the distance between them with Light Stepping Technique. In the same instant TAA releases his gyro-chakram, skipping across the surface of the swamp before kicking up towards Hestia.

TAA's aim is true and the gyro-chakram bites into Hestia's side. The teeth grip into her side, sling-shotting the chakram around her back and returning to his hand.

Hestia lands thrusting her Vajra towards TTA's chest, however the inhuman robot deflects the spear with his chakram, scraping it along its length and launching sparks into Hestia's eyes as he activates Arc Blinding Assault, blinding the Lunar.

(Hestia Speed 5 DV -1) (TAA Speed 3 DV -1) (Hestia takes 3L)

Tick 7

Tick 8

Tick 9

His opponent now blinded and exposed, TAA step behind the Lunar clutching at her hair and baring her neck. He activates The Circle Screams and brutally hacks at the Lunar's neck three times.

Her incapacitated and decapitated body slumps messily into the water.

(Flurry 3 attacks, Speed 3 DV -3) (Hestia takes 6L)


A trio of alligators swim lazily towards the pooling blood, unfazed by the still gleaming and glowing Champion. Then everything goes white and the sound of a thousand thousand cheers can be heard as a brief echo before... silence.

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Quick write up by me from memory. Hestia's critical error was leaving herself exposed without a charm to defend herself. Getting out of line of sight to power up may also have helped, eliminating my ability to attack at range. - Bencyclopedia

Over in nine seconds! Wow, that's gonna take some beating... Well played by TAA to Guard for the first action, allowing Hestia to make the first mistake of leaving herself open. Speed 3 chakrams are handy and against Hestia's poor soak get to do a lot more than ping. Slightly amusing that the environmental penalties were less impactful than I thought they might have been. :) nikink

I wana see a write up for Hestia... there has to be a way we can get halting the scarlet flow for 1l/turn health regen and Hide Toughening essence for soak into the build over charms that don't keep her from dieing. One has 1 prerequisite and the other has none, so this should be simple. -Sabis

Hestia's player is not particularly knowledgable about the system, and thus Hestia is a very un-optimised Lunar. Just in it for the fun and lulz. Wait till you see Match 6... :) nikink