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by Nagon

Most revered division of inauspicious terrestrial events

Several strange structures (Se Append 1) have been found in the west (Se Append 2). There have also been a marked increase in fay activity (Se Append 3) in The area.

Determine the purpose of the structures and eventual fay connections. Reduce the fay activity and destroy the structures if they are not intricately advantageous to creation.
A mission report shall be written and deliver to the Bureau of Destiny in a Scroll marked 146511-WATER.

The revered division of inauspicious terrestrial events shall upon acceptance of the mission be given 128 Obols of imperial jade coins.

Upon completion each Exalted member shall be given one of the following.

1. A class 4 or lower artifact.

2. Two years access to the class 3 armory: Celestial Armory 182.

3. 15625 cl of quintessence.