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Sossurl appears as a massive man, broad of shoulder and stocky of build, a trowel in one hand and and a block of basalt in the other. His actual height varies: at times he stands a mere seven feet tall, while in Malfeas he often reaches closer to twenty, and while his features are craggy and not terribly handsome, he is not particularly inhuman in visage. He may lay mortar with the trowel indefinitely, and whenever he sets the stone down, a new one forms in his hand. Where he lays down a wall, a divide springs up among men, and their purposes and desires will come to oppose one another, until even the most harmonious of neighbors stand ready to destroy watever intolerable wretch is on the other side. If this happens, the wall crumbles the moment one side has wholly overcome the other, and no further division is necessary. He enjoys his work, and enjoys creation, and percieves the violence that his handicraft creates as a necessary result of separation, neither to be enjoyed nor regretted. And that is his nature, division and definition. Sossurl percieves all things as separate, Things that are, and things that aren't, and were it in his power, he would place walls between every patch of grass in the field, and every tree in the forest. For now, he waits with the patience of the stone he holds to break free, and to begin his work by walling apart the five poles from each other. Like all of his kind, he reproduces in turn, sometimes of his own volition, producing the Ferthan, and other times simply letting that which he has wrought spawn for him, and thus are formed the Salthri.