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Ferthan, the Marble Steed

Sometimes, there are no walls that Sossurl can build. Perhaps the Dragon has stilled his hand, or his summoner orders him not to build. Every day he cannot build, at sunset he strikes at the stone in his hand with his trowel. The block cracks, and from within comes a six-legged foal, skin hard and smoth like finely carved marble, that grows to maturity in a week. Dragon-blooded sorcerors occasionally call a Ferthan, its tough skin capable of withstanding the anima flares that the Terrestrial Exalted may deal.

Few Sorcerors choose to do so with any real frequency, for a Ferthan's use is limited. No Ferthan can walk along a field or a desert, or any place that does not by its nature divide one place from another. To do so will kill it instantly, wiht a shriek and an explosion of stone shards. The horse can, however, walk along any dividing line with ease, whether it be a road, a river, a fence, or the empty gap of a canyon. Also fortunate is its ability to leap for miles and land with pinpoint accuracy.

It may also ride the walls that its creator forms, and upon setting its hooves upon that stone, bear it and its rider anywhere else along that wall. To witness this, however, is a gravely evil omen to all concerned; No such rider in known history has taken this fast road, only to have all things he touches turn to ruin within the month.