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Messiah's Happy Place!!!

About Messiah

Messiah (aka Greg Colfer) is a poor college student with no idea what he wants to do with his life. In the mean time he is perfectly content to run Exalted games for his friends. Messiah is a long time reader of the Wiki, who has finally gotten off his ass and made himself a part of the site. He enjoys sailing and backpacking in addition to his horrendously nerdy past times, and at a deep, nearly subconscious level, he hopes this makes up for knowing what THACO is. Messiah is currently running two (possibly three) games of Exalted, and a D&D game (left over from before he convinced his friends that Exalted was indeed much better). Suprisingly, writing this thing was easier than expected as Messiah frequently narrates his own life in third person when nobody's looking (and wonders if most people do this, but won't admit it). He also writes poetry and short fiction when he is not thinking up fiendish plots for his games. Messiah also has Familiar ••••• with his Cat.

Messiah's Stuffage

Nothing yet, but Hopefully I will get a game summary up sometime soon. I also want to make a Celestial MA style based on gambling, using cards as thrown weapons. It would give some limited control over luck as well, if only as "oh look a penny" dodges and being a supernaturally skilled gambler...

Comments Welcome

Hey dude, welcome to the wiki. Bit of advice - go to Preferences (see it up there in the header) and set your username there so you don't splach your IP all over RecentChanges. - willows

Many Thanks for the Welcome and the reminder (I feel kinda dumb for forgetting)... ~MessiahOfEndings
p.s. how do I set up being able to just put "Messiah" and still have it link to me?
put square brackets around the whole thing, and use a pipelink. [[MessiahOfEndings|Messiah]] turns into Messiah -- Darloth
I'm just putting this here, it's stuff you need to know and not me. Hope you have a fruitful stay! -w

Messiah - Welcome, and glad to hear you'll be contributing. Regarding your theory about everyone secretly narrating their own life, I must sadly say that I am at least one data point that does not do so. Ironically, I view my life as if I'm the PC - always wondering "Where is my storyteller leading me?" and "How can I spend my XP most efficiently?". I even refer to my family as "My adventuring party". Perhaps you have a storyteller version of the disease, and I the player version. -- GreenLantern