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Bestial Majesty</b>

 <b>Prerequisites: None

The strengths and powers of his totem animal become his own as a Lunar becomes more in tune with the physical nature of his Totem. This Gift provides Attribute points, which increase the Lunar's stats when in Deadly Beastman Form. The first purchase of this Gift provides 5 points, while later purchases provide 3. These points can be spent on any of the nine Attributes, but five have special costs. Dexterity, Charisma and Wits cost 2 points to raise by 1 dot and Appearance and Stamina are raised by 2 dots for every point used on it. The other Attributes are raised on a 1 for 1 basis. Trait totals in Deadly Beastman Tranformation can not exceed twice the total the Lunar has in that trait as a human. A Lunar can only have this Gift one time more then he has the Deadly Beastman Transformation Charm and this Gift is exclusivly ment for the version listed here: LunarShapeshifting/Telgar.

 Note: the Gifts of Enhanced Senses and Horrific Might are replaced by this Gift. 
 Ghost Sight now requires a DBT Perception of 5 or higher.