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New Deadly Beastman Transformation Gifts

Bestial Majesty
A Lunar with this Gift partakes of the wonder and splendor of the lords of the animal kingdom. She adds +1 to her Charisma. This Gift may be purchased twice.

Blazing Dragon Heart
The Lunar’s body and spirit grow more adept at storing Essence. The size of her peripheral Essence pool increases by five motes. This Gift may be purchased any number of times.

Feral Cunning
This Gift magnifies the Lunar’s ability to manipulate or intimidate other, less puissant creatures. She adds +1 to her Manipulation. This Gift may be purchased twice.

Preternatural Grace
This Gift enhances the Lunar’s intuitive elegance and inborn poise. She adds +2 to her Appearance. This Gift may be purchased twice.

Primal Awareness
A Lunar with this Gift reacts faster than a mere mortal to danger or opportunity. She adds +1 to her Wits. This Gift may be purchased twice.

Unfettered Intellect
This Gift grants the Lunar the inhuman mental clarity of the wisest beasts: the memory of the elephant, the cunning of the fox, and the acuity of the owl. She adds +1 to her Intelligence. This Gift may be purchased twice.


Have you considered letting these be taken maybe twice? Or maybe follow the trend of Heightened Senses or whatever it's called, and just have individual Gifts that can be taken twice that give +2 to a specific Attribute? Just some thoughts. - SMK

I may well split these up into five different attribute boosters to go along with Heightened Senses. - Quendalon
Not to nitpick or anything, but why only +1? Heightened Senses is +2, and that's to Perception, whis is the way to make a hideous battle-mage. It seems like upping Social Attributes wouldn't do you a whole hell of a lot of good in DBT, and Wits and Int couldn't really unbalance the game either. That's just my take, though. - SMK
I kept Wits at +1 to keep from totally overshadowing Bestial Reflexes, though it might just be better to boost the Bestial Reflexes initiative bonus above +3. Keeping Int at +1 was more of a flavor thing (uber-intelligent beastman form Lunars don't feel 100% kosher to me), but I may either raise it to +2 or cut it altogether. I think I kept the Social attributes at +1 out of some misplaced sense of balance. - Quendalon
  • nods sagely* I see, I see. I definitely get the Intelligence thing - I might even just let that be the one attribute that gets left out of this type of Charm. I'd put the Wits at +2 just for the horror that could come of combining it with Beastial Reflexes. As for the Social Attributes, well, I'd call it misplaced, but I didn't, you did, and so now I'm just going to act shocked at how rude you were to yourself. =P - SMK

Split up attribute-increasing Gifts into individual attribute-boosters, as per SilverMeerKat's suggestion. - Quendalon