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<b>Prerequisite Gifts: None
The Lunar naturally produces scents that confuse or attract others giving them an effective +2 to either Charisma or Manipulation. This gift may be taken up to two times for each attribute.

Beautiful Appearance</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: None
Some Lunars channel their inner beast to become more frightening and hidious. Others prefer to channel their inner humanity to become more pleasing to the eye. The first time this gift it taken, the Lunar's DBT form becomes less like something from a Horror movie and more like something you might see in a Shojo Anime series (on the good guy's side). They may use their normal appearance score while in DBT form. If this charm is taken again, the Lunar's DBT form becomes yet more exotically human instead of terrifyingly inhuman, causing the Lunar to gain +2 Appearance. This gift may be taken a total of three times.

Eyes of the Owl/ Ears of the Bat</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Enhanced Senses
Adopting the enhanced senses of his totem animal, the Lunar gains the ability to totally ignore darkness penalties.

Mystically Inclined</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: none
By giving up 2 attribute points (3 if this is taken with your first purchace of DBT), the Lunar gaines further mystic abilities. The Lunar may choose two additional gifts. This gift may only be taken once.

(ST's Note: since this counts as a gift, the Lunar only effectivly gets one extra gift out of this, so don't let your players try to fast-talk you)


I know that these are similar to others already in existance, but I decided to post them anyway, to show alternate creation stratagies & philosophies.

Beautiful Appearance's first benefit is meaningless; nothing in the text of Deadly Beastman Transformation indicates that the user in any way suffers a penalty to Appearance or dice pools based thereon. If you're an Appearance 10 Elder, then your DBT is a very attractive "sleek and deadly feral killing machine", much the same way that an Appearance 10 raksha Cataphract might be. Mystically Inclined is just wonky; it A) provides DBT gifts which require Essence use, contravening both the flavour and the overarching benefit of DBT, B) throws Charm trees into chaos, by providing Charms which are useful for prerequisites, but can only be used in DBT, and C) just doesn't make any thematic sense, since it's a physical transformation which grants mystical knowledge, which is miraculously forgotten when you stop being an eight-foot owl-man. Vargo Teras
Actually Mystically Inclined was just me getting gift and charm confused again. I've fixed it now so things should make sense. As for the first benifit of Beautiful Appearance, I kinda feel like most people probably aren't going to respond well to the 9 foot killing machine, but you have a point that there really isn't any mechanical penalty to scoial rolls while in DBT form. I'll need to think about this a bit. --BrilliantRain