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by SilverMeerKat

This beautiful stretch of temperate forest lies almost directly east of Nexus, on the edge of the Great Forest that stretches east forever to the Elemental Pole of Wood. It is one of the most complete and unadulterated expressions of the life-sustaining, playful, joyous aspect of Wood essence in creation. It is a demesne of such strength and age that it has almost achieved a limited form of sentience, and its awesome power is at all times bent toward promoting happiness and wellbeing within its confines.

The Hundred Acre Wood (as it was called in the First Age, due to its approximate size) is a sprawling wood of oak and maple, beech, birch and pine, and most other benevolent temperate plants. Poisonous, dangerous or even simply unpleasant (e.g., thorny) plants simply will not take root within it, and those forcibly introduced lose all unpleasant effects within a matter minutes. These effets never return. The exception to this rule is roses and other beautiful but harmful plants, which grow excellently in the Wood, though they grow without their usual thorns etc. All beings find themselves becoming almost superhumanly compassionate while inside of the demesne. The animals of the Hundred Acre Wood are all sentient (at least 2 Intelligence), and all miraculously survive eating only plants (usually fruit that has already fallen from the trees) and drinking only water, even if they are normally carnivorous. They will never intentionally bring harm to another being, and will always attempt to correct the situation if they do so accidentally. This is usually an unnecessary gesture (if kind), as healing occurs at an astonishing rate within the confines of the Hundred Acre Wood. Merely entering the Wood stops the progress of all diseases and infections affecting a person (though it does not cure them).

Many of the animal denizens of the Wood have transcended their mortal forms and become small, minor gods. The gods work throughout the demesne, reinforcing its harmonious state and aiding any wayward travellers in need of such. They reside in strangely (but beautifully) twisted trees, thickets, caves and hills throughout the Wood, which serve as their sancta. Though they despise any form of conflict, they will fight if forced to defend their demesne. They will never kill a foe, and will always fight to subdue. Once they have subdued an aggressor, they will place a powerful Geas on him never to reenter the Wood, and another to do only good once he has left, and will leave him on the edges of the demesne.