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The Library of the Golden Fane

From the scrolls of Cenotaph Dream, Funerists' Order, Deceased

In the history of the Usurpation, only one place stood as a record of the thousand-thousand times the Dragon-Blooded Host put down the Solar Anathema. This record is the Library of the Golden Fane. Standing in the city of Eagle's Launch, currently under the watchful eye of the Order of Immaculate Dragons, the Library has stood as an archive of every report, every heretical book, and every historical treatise written on the Solar Anathema or by the Solar Anathema since the loss of the First Era of Dragons.

Originally built, it is said, by the Unclean Anathema Blessed Ink Merlin, the Library of the Golden Fane was his den of demonic sorceries and horrific experiments, of which he kept a running commentary written by scribes he had bound to grimoires after tearing their blighted souls from their chests, a process he called the Umbral-Scrivener Technique. After he was murdered in the Glorious Feast of Sun & Stars, the first strike against the Anathema, Blessed Ink Merlin's laboratory and Manse stood quiet for two decades, thanks to fears that it was trapped like so many other instruments of the maddened Unclean savants of the era.

In the third decade of The Sun-Devouring Dragons Era, however, an enterprising soldier of the Dragon-Blooded Host by the name of Lafeda Omake ventured into the Library of the Golden Fane and found nothing trapped, nothing set to explode, nothing but the grimoires of Blessed Ink Merlin, which -- astoundingly to Omake -- had continued their set action and kept a running commentary of the studies of the Solar Anathema who was once Blessed Ink Merlin.

Using these, Omake managed to defeat the new face of Blessed Ink Merlin, as he knew just as soon as the Unclean Anathema did what his next action would be. He then retired the books back to the Library of the Golden Fane, which he had since managed to convert to an Air-Aspected Manse. He began collecting other reports on the Usurpation, historical treatises, and in his final years, a full copy of the Diaries of Golden Princes.

Unfortunately for Omake's newfound pleasure in scholarly works, the books did not protect him from the Contagion, and despite the best doctors in the city that would be Eagle's Launch, he succumbed to the disease, leaving his Manse to the Immaculate Order, of which Omake was a devout member. It has since become the bedrock of a large Immaculate monastery in Eagle's Launch, and a repository of works the Order of Immaculate Dragons deemed heretical, seditious, or defiant of the proper place of the Immaculate Dragons. Although the Library has long been the domain of any work the Solar Anathema penned upon the Blessed Isle, it has, within the past hundred years, become a place for any works on demonology, the Lunar Anathema and their barbaric customs, the actions of the Things Outside Creation (affectionately termed the Fair Folk), and the tales of the dead gods which roam the Underworld to this very day.

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