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Song of Seven Willows, Cerulean quill of the Heavens, recounts:

Ishkaja, one of the most well-known manses of the first age, was designed by Kuzari Nefhindi for the Empty Mouth Brotherhood. The expansive manse is surrounded by a thick wall of Magmatic Ice, in keeping with both the crimson color scheme and the impenetrability of the structure; to this day, it is the largest single amount of the mystical substance. The grounds were guarded by 13 bound fire elementals and dozens of Minions of the Eyeless Face; the manse itself is made of ivory and red jade.

The manse is especially good at keeping out unwanted visitors; hypnotic, flickering lights in shades of burnished copper, dark garnet, and candlelit orange dance along the perimeter, curving upward into a dome of specatcular beauty. The beauty is deceptive, however; all those who have walked into the lights have simply disappeared, save the members of the Brotherhood and anyone who touched them at the time of passage.

Little is known to me of the hearthstone, named the Oleander Scream of the Ancients, except that it was always used in soundproof rooms.

Today, the manse stands as a testament to true impenetrability. The Minions are long-gone, but the bound fire elementals, trapped and slowly growing mad, still patrol the grounds to this day.


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