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Song of Seven Willows, Bright Hand of the Past, writes:

Captain Firdausi Alin was a famed God-Blooded pirate captain whose reign over the high seas ended shortly before the time of the Great Purge. His ship, the Traipsing Seahorse, was as admired as it was feared; Firdausi was also a peerless artist, having been born to Urala, goddess of aesthetic design, and the ship was adorned with his creations -- gorgeous sculptures topped the masthead and graced the ship's bow. Even his crew members were easily recognized by the intricate and astounding tattoos that Firdausi inked himself. The work was so incredible that slang among pirates included his name -- when a sailor would show off a particularly good work of body art, his admirers would call it "a real 'dausi."

Unfortunately, the pomposity of the Solars brought an end to the great captain's life; a sea-faring Eclipse demanded one of his gorgeous tattoos, and Firdausi told him that the tattoos only came with sworn service on his ship, in his name. The Solar was so infuriated that he slew Firdausi out of hand. The crew of one hundred and forty men brought him down before the ship could reach shore -- but not until after the Solar had slain ninety of them.

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