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Blade of the Mountain, a Dragon-Blooded Warrior of great power and age, lived during the Great Contagion. At 180 years of age, he led the 8th Legion against the Fae in the Southeast. The region's sparse population and the large decimation of the remnants of the Bitter Flower Empire, the Domay civilization and other advanced states led to the Fae in this area being much more aggressive and dangerous than those in the East, where the 7th Legion fought.

Blade of the Mountain was given the key to his eventual downfall by a mysterious messenger known only as the Mother Itinerant. The Mother Itinerant is suspected to be an infernalist by several well respected scholars, for the weapon she gave him was eventually recognized as Ashen Vengeance, forged in Malfeas at the whims of one of the Yozis. Responsible for much death and chaos already, it lead Blade of the Mountain to his fall and the Southeast into a great and long-lasting period of desolation known as the Lost Years.

Ashen Vengeance eventually displayed its most vicious property when it locked Blade of the Mountain into an episode of Pasiap's Heart Syndrome, a mental disease known to strike Ivory Dragons who used too much Essence in periods of mental weakness. To drive back the Fae, Blade of the Mountain resorted to the most barbaric methods, using almost every weapon of mass destruction available to the 8th Legion in an attempt to burn to Fae off the face of Creation. While successful, wildly so in fact, the mortal death count was beyond reckoning and is thought to be in the millions.

After such horrific acts, Blade of the Mountain was refused his proper place in history. His second in command, Viridian Lotus, slew him in his sleep with the Fatal Bloom of Life and assumed command of the 8th Legion. He and other historians of the time recorded Blade of the Mountain as a Solar Anathema and destroyed records of the courageous, fallen general's life.

Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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