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Banishment Of Shadows

Believed to have occurred some time after the imprisonment of that Primordial now known as the Ebon Dragon, this obscure episode in our august history marks the Yozis' earliest known attempt to escape from Malfeas. Or rather, in this case, to bring all creation into Malfeas. In this manner, the Yozi would not suffer eternal imprisonment without their mortal playthings.

Despite their many inconsistancies, the Diaries of Justicar Crystal Raven are clear that he had never experienced such pain as when his shadow was stolen into the Demon Realm, and his very being was siphoned after it.

As every scholar of any worth is aware, the Banishment of Shadows presented the first challenge to the peace which had settled so uneasily following the Age of Amarnath, and if it had not been for the fidelity of Solis and Lunis we would perhaps still abide under that sickly green sun, suffering eternally the ingenious revenges of the Creators.

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