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About The Gate Keeper - Alexsei's Bio

Character Name: Alexsei Krauser
Player: Kazuki
Exalt Type: Sidereal
Aspect / Caste: Chosen of Endings
Age / Apparent Age: 69/28
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150

Physical Description

Alexsei is a tall, lithe man, with pale skin and raven black hair that fall all the way to his waist. One could easily think him sinister in appearance, if not for his eyes: deep violet in color, they shine with compassion and an understanding that seem to come from beyond Creation. His lips almost always display a warm, inviting smile, and he is soft spoken and mild mannered.

Alexsei is one that takes the time to care for his physical appearance. His black hair is always neatly brushed, split from the middle and falling neatly on his back and shoulders. His clothing is representative of his functions, while retaining a solemn elegance. He can be seen most of the time wearing a black funeral robe accented in crimson and silver along the edge of the wide sleeves. Silver clasps in the shape of lotus flowers close the opening from the high necked collar down to the waist, which is more often adorned with a red sash. The botom of the robe is embroidered with swirling patterns of red and silver, twirling around the fabric in an endless loop of curves and swirls. Over the robe, Alexsei also wears a mantle of black samite with crimson edges, embroidered with the image of an introspective jackal surrounded py lotus petals and sitting in front of a great gate. Alexsei also wears a pair of black steel rimmed spectacles, that he often absent mindedly clean or adjust.

Although Alexsei does not wear much jewelry, those few pieces he wears are with him at all times. His hearthstone amulet, containing the hearthstone produced by his manse, The Gateway, is always hanging from his neck. The amulet is extremely simple in design, nothing more than a string adorned with a small, fine cage containing the earthstone; this is due to the fact that the amulet is made from starmetal, and the precious alloy is rare enough that it is not wasted on mundane items. The second, which is a true treasure for him, is the ring he crafted as a companion to the one he gave Ryshassa - the Sun-Kissed Ring of Love's Return, as he named it. The ring, made from both starmetal and orichalcum, is never removed from his finger, and those that watch in those rare moments when Alexsei and Ryshassa are separated swear it is as if the ring permitted them to be together even through distances.


At first glance, some might think that Alexsei is a dark, gloomy individual: Black hair, pale skin, decked in black... However, anybody that actually takes the time to do a double take is certain to reconsider their opinion. Alexsei almost always displays a gentle smile, and he is always welcoming and friendly with strangers. He loves to listen to stories, be it mundane retelling of a mortal's daily actions or the mighty deeds of powerful beings from the first age. His thirst for learning is only equaled by his desire to educate, and he is always willing to teach to those willing to listen. His duties have exposed him to much sorrow and sadness, and he always make it a priority to soothe and ease the pain of the people that remain as he sends a soul on its last journey. Although being associated with death most of the time, his respect for life is tremendous, and is not very fond of useless conflict.

Should anything threaten the things Alexsei holds dear, however, he will more often turn extremely protective and forward. He will not hesitate to place himself between a threat and loved one, and will offer opposition to any who desire to harm the defenseless. Although not a violent man, Alexsei still has been trained in the art of Sidereal martial arts, and will not hesitate to use his knowledge if he deems it necessary.

Anybody who gets to know Alexsei will associate him with an archetypical scholar, something Alexsei accepts with a shy smile. He is passionate of things old and occult, loves to conduct research in ancient forgotten tomes, examining artifacts and remnants of the First Age, and the such. He can become quite distracted when one of his discoveries manage to grab his full attention, and he has been known to babble about the things that empassionate him. He often blushes and apologizes when this occurs, however, unwilling to impose his lectures on people or to bore them out of their minds.

Likes and dislikes

  • Likes: Learning, knowledge, being of service to others, peaceful endings, books, painting and drawing, teaching, calm, conversation, spending time with Ryshassa, laughter.
  • Dislikes: Unnecessary conflict, needless cruelty, painful endings, restless undead or spirits, zealots, discrimination.


Alexsei operates in the Gethamane area as a funeral priest and, when needed, as a shaman. The time he spent in Sijan (see history) has allowed him to learn the customs and rituals of the famous funeral priests of that area - skills that, coupled with his own powers as a chosen of endings, permitted him to establish a succesful working front among the mortals of the North. Since the most people remember of him are his name and his "priestly" nature, he is sometimes asked to perform blessings for hunting parties and the such, things he usually performs by offering prayer strips to the Maidens.

Other than his daily duties, Alexsei also has responsibilities of a completely different caliber. As a Chosen of the Maidens, it is his responsibility to make sure destiny can continue onward unhindered. Alexsei's views about the great purge and the current state of Creation (See Political leanings), coupled with his personal beliefs and the vision he and his friends were exposed to as younger exalts made him side more with the agendas of the Gold faction. Right now, his duties consist in training Ryshassa and instruct her about the realities behind the Immaculate Order and the Solars. Alexsei believes that the return of the Solars are indeed the heralding sign of a new age, and in light of such will strive to educate and train any young solar he encounters along the way.

Political Leanings and affiliations

Alexsei is currently allied with the Gold faction of the Sidereals, the ones that believed long ago that the corrupt solars should not be purged but rather reeducated in hope of them reforming. Now that the Solars have started to return in force following the sundering of the jade prison, the Gold Faction have also been kicked back into activity, as may of them strive to find and train new Solars in order to heradl the coming of a new age. Alexsei sees the decay of the Realm as a sad event, but an unevitable one: to him, any empire of this magnitude in Creation, due to the nature of mortal beings, is fated to crumble and come to its end. Now, coming from someone affiliated with an organization that did its best to preserve the rule of the solars in a similar situation long ago, such a thought could come across as contradictory.

The truth, like many things involving the Chosen of the Maidens, is not as simple as it looks. The fact is, Alexsei sides with the Gold Faction as they do their best to preserve the reborn solars and keep them from the fires of the Wyld Hunt. However, Alexsei disagrees with many a Gold follower in one important point: he is NOT trying to establish a new realm built upon the supremacy of the Solars. To him, the rise and fall of the First Age, as well as the decay of the current Realm in the wake of the Scarlet Empress' disappearance, is a lesson clear as crystal. All empires built upon the rule of one above all others is doomed to crumble and come to an end. Even the mighty primordials could not prevent that cold truth.

As such, as utopic or surreal as it may sound, Alexsei believes that the only way creation can endure is through balance: Each group - from the mortals to the Dragon Blooded to the various Celestial Exalted - have their own strengths and weaknesses, and, in his opinion, have much more to gain by working together to preserve their world. The Dragon Blooded illustrated the validity of such a theory when they managed to topple the more powerful Solars - united, they proved to be stronger. Alexsei strongly believes that a cooperation would greatly benefit the Realm, and insure a long era of prosperity for Creation, even though such an arrangement would be difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain... But then again, he believes that for the world to be imbued with such great power, insure the Exalted also have a great responsibility towards it.

Such thoughts are usually kept to himself, however, and only Ryshassa is really aware of Alexsei's full beliefs. His way of thinking, when expressed fully, makes him quite unpopular with the Bronze Faction, who deem such philosophy to be unrealistic and even potentially dangerous. The Gold faction are more inclined to see some truth in Alexsei's way of thinking, but they see the rifts between the factions, as well as groups in Creation, to be too great to bridge across. Besides, Alexsei's way of thinking would require the Gold faction to tell the full truth and be completely honest with their Solar protégés, something the Gold are not willing to risk.

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