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About myself

I belong to the international crowd of this site. At the moment I live in southern Germany, in the small city of Esslingen, about 20km from Stuttgart. I've been a roleplayer for almost ten years now and only ran into Exalted this summer. I found myself caught dead in the middle and started planning for my own campaign right away. I'm teamed up with BrokenQuill for that, since I don't feel up to the system alone. Anyway, he'll play in my game. You can catch me by email, of course: ice.princess@imperial-center.de

My Stuff

Not too much at the moment, all in team with BrokenQuill. All Material Copyright © 2004 Florian Brand and Julia Haug Feel free to use it as you wish, as long as you give credit.


  • BrokenSigil - The Yozis are about to break their eternal prison. Can they be stopped?


  • <bKaiSei/AstroLogy</b> - A riddle based on the constallation of the maidens on a particular day


  • None as yet, soon to follow.