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Two great warriors opposed the realm and paid the price, a trip to the otherside of Creation. Now they have to get their way back to their home and get revenge on the person that put them there. Fighting, manipulating, tricking, thieving, evading, nothing is below these two heroes. Swashbuckling Ahoy! Pirates! Giant Monsters! Savages! Ninjas! (Dunno, about the last one.)



Asura - Ass-kicking noble, with a hint of over-confidence.

Turel - If was Robin Hood was a swordsman and had little to no dignity.


Lord Dreeva - The Dynast who ruined everyone's day. :(

Lydia - The girl that the team resuced in their first episode. :)

Skeef - The old man in charge of one the slipgates on the Coral Archipelago.

Dead NPCs:

Skillet - Greedy weasel information broker, turned into a streak by Immaculates.

Darel Dreeva - The veteran Dragon-blooded warrior, that almost gave the heroes some serious headache.