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Turel, Slayer of Kings

This man gives you the impression of a wild animal. His physical form is very lean. He has short-scruffy, black hair with one braid on the right side of his face. His face is clean shaven and sports a tattoo that runs across his cheek. He has deep-set eyes that are slate gray in colour. On his right shoulder is a scar-tattoo in the shape of a wolf head.

Name: Turel; also "Slayer of Kings"
Caste: Night
Nature: Caregiver
Concept: Former Slave
Anima: Halo and Angel Wings

Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Dawn: Brawl 3 (Dirty Fighting +2), Melee 4 (Swords +2)
Zenith: Endurance 3, Survival 3 (Foraging for Food +2)
Night: Athletics 3 (Acrobatics +2), Awareness 2, Dodge 3, Larceny 2
Eclipse: Sail 3

Base Initiative: 8
Gorechild: Speed 15, Accuracy 13, Damage 15L, Defense 10, Rate 4
Wavecleaver: Speed 11, Accuracy 13, Damage 11L, Defense 12, Rate 5
Fist: Speed 8, Accuracy 8, Damage 4B, Defense 9, Rate 5
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 7B, Defense 5, Rate 3
Dodge Pool: 7, Soak: 5B/5L/4A (Mundane Breastplate 2B/4L)

Willpower: 6
Essence: 3
Essence pool: 15/36 (13 committed)
Health Levels: -0, -1, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incapacitated

Artifact 3 (His swords), Resources 3 (Illegally obtained goods, On indefinite hold), Allies 1 (Lydia, the Apprentice Blacksmith).

VIRTUES: Compassion 3, Conviction 2, Temperance 1, Valour 3
Limit Break: Red Rage of Compassion
The character is overcome with anger at the pain that surrounds him. He flies into a rage and will directly attack the most immediate source of suffering without any consideration for himself or the situation. The character's rage is absolute and he is unlikely to think of even simple acts like putting down objects in his hands or drawing a weapon. Small consolation that it is, the character does not suffer wound penalties while in this state. A character who has no obvious target to lash out against he will go into a terrible rage a number of hours equal to his Compassion, moving erratically from area to area, smashing objects without consideration for value and lashing out thoughtlessly at anyone foolish enough to interfere.
Limit Break Condition: The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene. Based on Compassion.

Ferocious Jab (1m, Instant, Supplemental, Exalted page 157)
Thunderclap Rush Attack (3m, Instant, Reflexive, Exalted page 158)
Excellent Strike (1m/die, Instant, Supplemental, Exalted page 162)
Hungry Tiger Technique (1m, Instant, Supplemental, Exalted page 163)
Golden Essence Block (1m/2 die, Instant, Reflexive, Exalted page 166)
Dipping Swallow Defence (2m, Instant, Reflexive, Exalted page 166)
Ox-Body Technique (None, Permanent, Special, Exalted page 170)
Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit (5m, One day, Simple, Exalted page 180)
Graceful Crane Stance (3m, One scene, Reflexive, Exalted page 192)
Lightning Speed (1m, One turn, Reflexive, Exalted page 194)
Spider-Foot Style (3m, One scene, Supplemental, Exalted page 193)

COMBOS: More details on how they work here.

  • Demon Slayer (Excellent Strike Level 1-8, Hungry Tiger Technique) Cost: 4-11 Motes
  • Inner Shrine (Dipping Swallow Defence, Golden Essence Block) Cost: Varies (Minimum: 4 Motes)
  • Blazing Fire Rush (Lightning Speed, Spider-Foot Style) Cost: 7 Motes
  • Blazing Fire Escape (Thunderclap Rush Attack, Lightning Speed, Spider-Foot Style) Cost: 11 Motes

When Turel later returned to the caravan he had originally escaped from he slew the guards and decapitated the Merchant Prince. As the man’s head rolled on the floor it landed on a long pile of clothing. When Turel kicked the head blood spattered against the walls and the sound of metal rang out on the floor. By sheer luck or coincidence he had found a weapon of amazing craftsmanship. Whispering a hurried thanks to the Unconquered Sun he scooped up the sword and affixed it to his back, wrapped the head in the clothes and jumped into the night. The single edged two-handed blade is 2 metres long with a blade length of 141cm with a single setting for a Hearthstone. Forged of an unknown alloy which makes its edge razor-keen and strong, this jet-black blade is only 3.8cm wide. Gorechild requires 8 motes of Essence from Turel to wield it.

Name: Gorechild
Speed: +7
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +11L
Defence: +0
Rate: 4

Wavecleaver Daiklaive
Perhaps the shortest of daiklaives, rarely exeeding three feet in blade length, wavecleavers are perfect for work below decks, where cramped quarters and low ceilings are the norm. Their thick blades and strong edges make them useful tools as well as weapons; even steel cables or chains will rarely withstand more than a single hack from thick blade of a wavecleaver. Wavecleavers typically have sockets for two Hearthstones, as Exalted on the water are more likely to rely on the gem-like talismans for survival. The Wavecleaver is of Orichalcum and requires 5 motes of Essence to wield it.

Name: Wavecleaver
Speed: +3
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +7L
Defence: +2
Rate: 5

Turel's mundane armour is torn, damaged and battered. Just like the rest of his clothing.
Name: Breastplate
Soak(BKSlash/Turel/L): 2/4
Mobility Penalty: 0
Fatigue: 1


- Free xp = 5

  • Add +1 to speciality Swords (3 XP)
  • Learn Fire and Stones Strike (8 XP)
  • Learn Dragon Slayer (3 Charm Combo = 6 XP)
  • Learn Solar Counter Attack (8 XP)
  • Learn Steel Demon Counter (4 Charm Combo = 8 XP)
  • Add +1 to Athletics (5 XP)
  • Learn Leaping Tiger Attack (8 XP)
  • Learn Thirteenth Gate of Hell (4 Charm Combo = 8 XP)
  • Add +1 to Melee (7 XP)
  • Learn Glorious Demon Counter (6 Charm Combo = 12 XP)
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