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Flock of Hungry Raitons</b> - Issaru with help by-szilard

<b>Solar Circle Sorcery
Cost: 35 Motes

The Sorcerer casts his gaze into the sky which becomes cloudy and alive with activity. Upon finishing the casting the sorcerer makes a heart piercing cry into the heavens, and is answered by a murder of Essence(x100)raitons which swoop down and attack everything that was not designated as a friend by the caster at the time of casting. The raitons bolstered by the magic of the sorcerer all add the sorcerers permanent Essence rating to:

  • all physical Attributes
  • the Brawl ability
  • base damage
  • difficultly to hit them

In all other ways the Raitons are treated as extras. The raitons strike furiously for one scene then they streak into the clouds once again and leave taking the bodies of the dead with them, at this point the clouds break up and the normal conditions of the sky reassert's itself.This spell was created by a Night Caste exalt who used it to wreak vengeance against the armies of those who had slain her Raiton-Totem Lunar mate.

Spell Turning Rebuke</b> -By Issaru

<b>Solar Circle Sorcery

Cost:40 Motes

The Exalt gathers the Essence around him in a golden aura and purple lightning arcs charging him with power. This energy lasts for the duration of the scene. The Exalt can now redirect the energies of hostile magic directed at him, allowing the caster to reflect the effects of any spell of a lower circle targeted at the caster.

In the case of area effect spells or spells that create something, the Solar using this spell takes control of the effect (i.e. causing Golems to attack their creator or her allies and causing Death of Obsidian Butterflies to spring in the direction the Solar wishes).The spells radius of control is equal to the Solars Essence+Occult multiplied by fifty yards([Essence+occult]x50yd)Radius. Creations/ Constucts made by spells are usurped as the spell is cast. The Solar may also direct the redirected spells of others to originate from any area within this spells area of effect. However, it only has this effect on sorcery cast after it is in place, and it has no effect at all on purely personal spells.
This spell was created by the Solar Ara Daru of the Twilight Caste as her attempt to quell the newest foes of the deliberative, the Dragon Bloods. Unfortunately for Ara, she never got the chance to use her spell for she was whisked away by an unidentified Demon soon after it was finished. The spell can still be found in her manse 'Quiet Lies The Heart' which lies forgotten in the Wyld of the deepest South.

Empowering Heart of Darkness</b> - Issaru

<b>Void Circle Necromancy

Cost:30 motes + 2 commited motes per corpse empowered

Murmuring prayer and suplications to the Void, the necromancer charges the air around himself with dark energy empowering the corpses he controls, giving them strength and power. These corpses are warriors even the Solar Exalted have reason to fear. After casting this spell the necromancer must cast either Raise the Skeletal Horde or any of its variations in permanent form. The Undead created by this spell have a bonus to all physical attributes equal to the casters Essence, they also gain this bonus to their Brawl and Martial Arts scores. In addition to these bonuses, the undead gain any Martial Arts Charm the caster posseses up to and including the Form. The minions are perfectly loyal. If control of undead empowered by this spell is somehow usurped form the caster the minions explode, doing a number of dice of lethal damage equal to the caster's Essence to all targets within a number of yards equal to the caster's Essence. The caster is not immune to this explosion. For every skeleton empowered this way the caster must commit two motes of essence. The skeletons have an essence pool Equal to the casters permanent Essence multiplied by Eight. This spell lasts for one cycle of the moon, after which the corpses dissolve into nothingness.