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About Improphane

  • Name: Nathan Scott, Improphane
    • AKA: Hawkster on both the WW Forums, and the Ex Libris Nocturnis Forums. More Commonly found at the latter, semi-lurking at the former.
  • Occupation: Student.
    • Currently on holiday(vacation), so plenty of time to think of nothing but Exalted and WoD.
  • Interests: Art, Writing, RPGs, Videogames and the Internet.
    • Although the Internet could count as an Occupation since it occupies most of my time.

The only creative thing for Exalted I've done(well tried to do) that is actually useful for everyone one else, is a whole setting like the Scavenger Lands have been detailed by White Wolf we were going to take an untouched area of the Threshold and turn into a playable setting. After much deliberation we decided(well actually I kind of just told everyone what we were going to do) were to put it and what it would be about. I then started work on the part I said I was going to do, while the others looked at my sketchy outline to see what they'd like to play with. One person wrote lots of info about the city Kilubu, and gave Unamed City 1 a name(Idioma Sangoma) and promised to work on it, incidentally he and I discussed a lot about the Spirit Courts. Others said, "yeah I'll do that city", or, "I'll do the barbarians/Lunars", but understandably they had more important RL issues to deal with, or would rather get on with their own work. Below is both things I did for it, an outline for the "book", and the Chapter on the Underworld.

First though, before you read what I've written, I think I should tell the one myth that will help the rest of it make a little more sense. Note that this myth is the story the people of the Valley tell, edited to be more explained, and so it has a lot of exageration and perhaps even some untruths put in.

Long after the Primordials had been defeated, and long before the Solars were usurped, a great beast known as Taggatzu raged up from the Southern most tip of the world. He wormed his way across the land, destroying and consuming whole cities his foul breath reaking destruction and leaving only ashes and dust behind. Yet when he came to the sea a Circle of the Sun-chosen, remembered as the Heroes of the Gods by the people of the Valley, were waiting for him. He was narrowly defeated and his great body fell slowly upon a great paradise that some of the Gods used to entertain their most loyal followers. His body now covering vast swathes of land, the old Gods left and gave it younger divinities who willingly became guardians of the beast. These new Gods, given a mandate from Heaven to watch over these lands quickly set about forming their court. That court is the Guardian Court, and the deities there are worshipped in festivals and temples. The Guardian Court though, needed to make their land more appealing and so they brought in more gods to turn Taggatzu's corpse into a place worth living in. The court that was formed then has never stopped growing and changing.

Let us not forget the Solars that slayed the beast, for they saw the land become beautiful and saw from the mountains that were formed by the beast battered skull and great river flow down to the sea, this they named the Devil's Tongue and the name of that river is still the Devil's Tongue. And around the river they built a city as great as any in the First Age, great towers rose up for the Solars to watch over their peoples from below. Only two of these towers remain and form the city Kilubu, and one is only half of what it once was. The Lunars and Dragon- Blooded that followed their Solar spouses and masters built the defenses and barracks around the city. Only one barrack remains, and is in the center of the city Kapoor. The Sidereals built temples to the Gods of the land, all of these were destroyed as anything else in this great city was by the Usurpation.

The Dragon-Blooded built there own city, a port called Snake's Fork, because it is in the center of the Tongue's delta. Other cities like Kapoor and Kilubu were built from remnants of the First Age city. One new city, made to be entirely white, had new temples made by a great architect, who was given a longer lease on life so he could finish his work for the Gods and build the Jewel of the Desert as the city is sometimes called, Idioma Sangoma. All of these cities are half the size of Chiaroscuro or Paragon.

(A little back of the book style teaser)

Built On An Ancient Corpse

The land once destroyed by a demon, only to be remade on it's flesh. People of great cities now toil for the water that flows from the mouth that once tried to consume them, while barbarians pick scraps from it's bones. A harsh land were the sun bores down on a long dead carcass, the result sending the lands into chaos. The Realm takes it's taxes, and war takes it's men. And all dream of the day they are saved from their pains, or put out of their misery.

Covered In The Minor Realms Of Human And God

Valley of the Devil's Tongue describes lands left alone by White Wolf, but not by us, set in the South of the Creation, it is a cruel region matched in brutality only by those that live on it's body. From a city of Ivory set high in praise of the Gods, to the Bonelands a barren place full of barbarians and other dangers. Also including Snake's Fork, an important city for the entire region, the one most concerned with trade. Many places are left relatively undetailed for your own imagination to take hold.

Improphane/ValleyOfTheDevilsTongueOverview:This is the chapter layout of a setting I was going to work on with others;

Improphane/BeneathTheBeast:Here is the Chapter on the Underworld from a piece of work called the Valley of the Devil's Tongue, a setting Northwest of the Lap and East of the Thousand. I'll post the outline at somepoint as well so you can know what the rest of it was about if unmade, hell maybe some of you will finish it for me, at least if I repost the outline from Ex Libris Nocturnis Forums.