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A message to ye seekers of who the hell I think I am

Name: Joseph
DOB: February 02, 1977
Occupation: IT Technician, smartass, husband
Location: North Bay Area, California
Preferred games: Exalted, Trinity Universe, Shadowrun

About me

I'm the eldest member of a bag of nuts better known as the Five Horsemen. I love crucnhy rules and numbers, but throw them out as soon as game gets underway. (Dice are just decoration and ammunition.) I prefer a fast, light game to dice-rolling and bean-counting. When I'm ST, my players suffer me because of this, but still ask that I run 'em through again.

Being a techie, I love gadgets and tools. Thus, artifacts are my primary attraction. I plan to include some here at a later point, as I get my thoughts together on some base ideas I have. My apologies in advance if you are getting hopes up about a specific item that I then neglect. My attention span... Oo! A quarter!

05.25.07 Update:
Back for my third go. I'm wrapping up a pity game for a player that was off of odd internships at odder hours. Looks like I'll be a player soonish. That tends to make my cerebral viscocity lessen and ideas flow.

Knowing me, this will be another short-lived idea-spawning run. With luck, I'll finish the Smith Style MA finally.

Internal Links

HorsemanDeath/Artifacts Mostly half-formed ideas.
HorsemanDeath/Charms Not much in here.
HorsemanDeath/HouseRules A Five Horsemen specialty.
HorsemanDeath/MartialArts Hard hat area.
HorsemanDeath/Spells Unhealthy excercise in power.

HorsemanDeath/ScratchPad Random mental doodlings.

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