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She cut her Stormwind rider off a good ten feet off the ground and did a single front flip before she landed with perfect cat-like grace. As she rose she ran her hand through her forest green hair that fell just below her chin, as she pointed her face toward the dawn she opened her emerald eyes and breathed in the morning air. Spinning on her heel she walked with the dynastic determination that befitted her features, her long brown overcoat flowing behind her as she walked towards the near by town. Her thigh length black boots pressed tightly against her legs had only a one inch heel to them making them practical for both travel and dress, practicallity with out sacrificing apearance the standard for the modern dynast. The moss green pants she wore were nearly skin tight as was her sleeveless sage green kung-fu shirt, the tight black gloves on her arms went nearly all the way up her arm. As she walked the long stick that hung off two belts, as if it were a sheath for a sword, to her right, and a pair of sai hung to her left off a single belt each, all attached to the thick black belt that seemed to seperate where her pants ended and her shirt began.