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Ikselam's Earth Hearthstones

Earth represents resolve, stasis, strength and fortitude.

Level 1

Gem of Smooth Marble

Manse •
Trigger: None.

This ivory colored, egg-shaped gem is very smooth, and slightly soft to the touch. When attuned, it causes its bearer's skin to become similarly silky and beautiful. She immediately sheds all body hair, and her complexion becomes flawless. If used by a being who is naturally covered in fur, it does not cause her pelt to fall off; instead, her coat becomes glossy and soft. Mechanically, this adds one die to all Appearance rolls; it also gives one bonus die to the Larceny roll for a grown man to impersonate a woman or youth, since he does not grow facial hair.

The gem's power persists until the stone becomes deattuned. It does not affect body hair which is the result of a Tell.

Jewel of Protean Nomenclature

Manse •
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This small, crystal sphere appears to have a pure white flame burning inside it. Besides casting about as much light as a bright torch, when attuned it begins to whisper. One who listens closely will hear that it is speaking many names, never saying the same one twice. If the bearer wishes, he may spend a permanent Willpower point to discard his current name, and take on a name spoken by the stone. The new name becomes his true name; the old one becomes nothing more than a nickname. Changing names in this fashion also allows the character to change his Nature.

Demons of the Second and Third Circles cannot utilize the power of this stone. If an Abyssal Exalted uses the stone to gain a new name, he automatically gains a point of Resonance every scene until he renounces the new name to his Malfean master. His Deathlord will very likely interpret use of this stone's power as an act of rebellion, and take action accordingly.

Loamstone (This one is for Domino.)

Manse •
Trigger: Hoeing.

This egg-shaped is dark brown, almost black, and has a strong earthy scent. When attuned, it allows its owner to turn even the most barren soil into rich loam. Any patch of ground he hoes, or similarly prepares for planting, is transformed into fertile topsoil. Only dirt which he actually turns is converted, so if he wishes to plant trees, or other plants whose roots reach far beneath the ground, he must dig fairly deep if he wants them to thrive.

Money Stone

Manse •
Trigger: None.

This disc-shaped stone looks like it is made out of white jade, and has a round hole, roughly an inch in diameter, through its middle. When the stone is attuned, the hole slowly begins to fill up with real jade. It takes just over a season (three months) for the hole to be completely filled. When it is ready, the jade "coin" can be easily shaken or pried free; it cannot be removed prior to this time without damaging the hearthstone.

Coins produced by the Money Stone are about the same size and shape as Imperial obols, and carry a rough mark in the shape of a five-pointed star on each side. The jade they are composed of is real in every way, and is of a color corresponding to the season in which the coins were formed.

Oil Stone

Manse •
Trigger: Rubbing.

This black, egg-shaped hearthstone is slick to the touch, and a film of rainbows swirls across its surface. If its bearer concentrates on it and rubs it with his fingers, it will begin to sweat oil. The oil is of good quality, and is suitable for lubricating metal hinges, waterproofing leather goods, and caring for weapons. In one hour, the stone is capable of producing a little under one quart of oil.

Sludge Stone</b>

<b>Manse •
Trigger: None.

This irregularly-shaped hearthstone is pure white when it forms, but rapidly becomes discolored once attuned, taking on a disgustingly moist brown hue. The one to whom it is attuned finds that she no longer needs to pass waste, no matter how much she eats or drinks.

Mercifully, the Sludge Stone is completely odorless... unless it is broken. If it shatters, it explodes in a revolting fountain of excrement, instantly releasing all the bodily waste it has absorbed from its bearer. It is capable of holding an essentially infinite amount of excreta; besides breaking it and letting it reform, the only way to cleanse it is to leave it in its Manse for an amount of time equal to the amount of time it has been worn. This is the case even if it has become deattuned.

Stone Potato

Trigger: Cooking.

As its name suggests, this lumpy brown rock looks very much like a stone potato. When attuned, it allows the bearer to miraculously transform other stones into actual potatoes. All he needs to do is bake or boil the stones as he would a normal potato, and when the cooking is done, they will be edible. This power only works on stones that are roughly the size and shape of potatoes to begin with.

Level 2

Dancing Crane Egg

Manse ••
Trigger: Consensual sex.

This hearthstone's name does not come from its resemblance to a whooping crane's egg, but rather to the fact that such birds mate for life. When attuned, it strongly encourages its bearer, and her partner, to remain strictly monogamous.

After the stone is attuned, its power activates the first time the bearer engages in consensual sex. Until the stone becomes deattuned, the bearer, and the person with whom she made love, can only receive sexual gratification from one another. They can still become physically aroused by, and have intercourse with, others, but it will be an exercise in frustration; even magical powers will be unable to give them satisfaction.

If the bearer of a Dancing Crane Egg spends the night with her mate, neither of them rolls Conviction to regain Willpower the following morning. Instead, each character regains a number of temporary Willpower points equal to his or her highest Virtue. If both of them are attuned to Dancing Crane Eggs from the same Manse, this can increase their temporary Willpower above their permanent Willpower scores (though not above ten). The characters need not actually have sex in order to receive this benefit; they only need to sleep next to one another.

Dancing Crane Eggs usually form in pairs.

Forge-Belly Nugget

Manse ••
Trigger: Eating metal or ore.

This hearthstone looks like a lumpy bit of iron ore. When attuned, it allows its bearer to refine and forge metal in her digestive system. She simply eats the ore, or the ingredients she wishes to alloy; after about a day, she will pass small nuggets of refined metal as part of a regular bowel movement. Any impurities are digested, and serve as sustenance.

Any kind of mundane metal can be refined or alloyed through the use of this stone's power; up to about ten pounds can be safely processed per day. The stone cannot affect the Magical Materials. It does not grant any special ability to bite through metal or stone; if the character wishes to process large chunks of ore, she must first break them up into pieces small enough to swallow.

Gem of Clay

Manse ••
Trigger: Concentration (Reflexive).

This hearthstone looks like a ball of sculptor's clay, and is somewhat malleable to the touch. When attuned, it allows its owner to sculpt stone of all sorts as though it were as soft as clay. The character may work stone without tools, and can also tear apart even the sturdiest bricks and stones in a matter of minutes. Mechanically, he ignores soak when making a barehanded attack on an object composed of stone or masonry.

Iron Centurion Stone

Manse ••
Trigger: None.

This tan, egg-shaped hearthstone is cool to the touch. When attuned, it makes its bearer much more resistant to fatigue. Mechanically, the character never needs to make fatigue checks, no matter how heavy a burden he is carrying, how thick his armor is, or how long he has gone without rest. This power does nothing to reduce mobility penalties inflicted by heavy armor or encumbering loads, and does not negate the character's need for sleep and nourishment. He simply succeeds automatically on all Endurance rolls to resist fatigue.

Jewel of the Covetous Eye

Manse ••
Trigger: Caressing and speaking to the stone.

This golden dodecahedron has a faint green sheen. When attuned, it can cause onlookers to be overcome with greed for the artifact in which it is set. The stone's owner can activate its power by stroking it possessively and whispering flattering words to it. For the remainder of the scene, anyone who gets a clear look at the artifact must make a Temperance check; failure means that they desire it for the scene, and must make a difficulty 2 Willpower check to resist any opportunity to acquire it. The Temperance roll is made only once, when the artifact is first seen (or the power is first activated). This power ends as soon as the artifact is no longer in view, or the stone is removed from it.

The Jewel of the Covetous Eye will not cause people to act contrary to their natures; a thief might try to steal the artifact which holds the stone, but an honest man would try to bargain for it instead; a noble might demand that the character hand it over immediately, while a serf might offer to serve the character for a year if she gives it to him.

Marathon Gem

Manse ••
Trigger: Running.

This dense, cubical hearthstone is a dark blackish silver. When attuned, it allows the bearer to never lose momentum when running. Once he gets started, he need expend no effort to keep moving at top speed, so long as he moves in a reasonably straight line. Mechanically, he may run for as long as he wishes without checking for fatigue. He may even sleep while running, though this might prove risky due to the danger of crashing into large, stationary objects. However, stopping, slowing down, or making significant alterations to his course, requires a Strength + Athletics check at difficulty 2. This requires great effort, and consumes his dice action for the turn. Speeding up requires much less effort; all he need do is take a movement action which causes him to move more distance per turn than he previously was. This is compatible with Charms that speed movement, but only if that movement involves running.

This power only activates when the character wants it to, but it can't be deactivated until the character comes to a complete halt. At the Storyteller's discretion, Dodge rolls may be called for to avoid smashing into objects at high speed. Crashing generally does one die of bashing damage (piercing) for every 5 yards per turn the character is moving. Whether or not it brings him to a stop is determined by the Storyteller, based on how sturdy the object is. If the character loses his footing, or becomes unable to move his legs, he skids to a halt, usually taking damage as though he had struck an object.

Example: Choam the Solar decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and starts running away from Serge the Lunar. To start, Choam takes a regular movement action. His Dexterity is 3; he moves 15 yards away from Serge. Since he is using his Marathon Gem, he can continue moving this far (in the same direction) on each subsequent turn without effort. Unfortunately, this is not fast enough to escape the fleet-footed Lunar! On his next turn, Choam speeds up. Since he's already moving at his maximum regular movement speed, he needs to sprint in order to increase his velocity. He uses his action for movement, speeding up to 29 yards per turn. On subsequent turns, he need not expend his action to maintain this speed. Unfortunately, this is still not fast enough to outrun Serge. Choam can't go any faster without using magic, since he is already at his maximum sprinting speed. He activates Lightning Speed and spends his turn sprinting; this brings his speed up to 58 yards per turn, which he can maintain indefinitely without effort. Serge, finding that he needs to expend all his effort just to keep up with Choam (who is meanwhile throwing stuff at him), gives up the chase.

Sense-Sharing Gem

Manse ••
Trigger: Concentration (special, see description).

These hexagonal black hearthstones always form in pairs. The bearer of a Sense-Sharing Gem can perceive anything seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted by the person attuned to its twin. Even magically-enhanced senses are shared. Using the gem requires uninterrupted concentration, and makes the user almost completely oblivious to his own surroundings. He can perform simple, repetitive tasks that don't require thought, or narrate what he's sensing in a stream-of-consciousness fashion, but cannot do anything else without breaking the connection.

Level 3

Eye-for-an-Eye Gem

Manse •••
Trigger: Channelling a Virtue.

This round, mostly-white hearthstone bears markings which make it look like a stone eyeball. When attuned, it helps its bearer gain redress for her grievances. If she activates a Virtue to aid any roll directly related to taking revenge against an individual who has personally wronged her, she adds a number of extra successes equal to the Virtue's rating, rather than dice. This counts toward the per-story limit for Virtue activation. When the target of the character's ire has suffered roughly as much grief as he inflicted upon her (determined by the Storyteller), the stone's power can no longer be used against him.

Stone of the Indiscriminate Goat

Manse •••
Trigger: Eating.

This hearthstone resembles nothing so much as a rock-hard piece of horse dung. When attuned, it gives the bearer a stomach of iron, allowing him to safely digest even the most vile and spoiled foodstuffs. He can subsist comfortably on weeds, rubbish, and even excrement. Mechanically, he becomes totally immune to food poisoning, and will never suffer from malnutrition as long as he finds some kind of organic material to consume. If he eats food that is naturally toxic, or which has been purposefully poisoned, he will feel some ill effects, but this will rarely go beyond an upset stomach; he rolls to resist the poison as normal, but treats all damage received as bashing and ignores any dice-pool penalties the poison may inflict.

The Stone of the Indiscriminate Goat only affects food, not drink. It is also ineffective against any ingested poison that inflicts aggravated damage.

Statue Stone

Manse •••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This rounded, chalky-textured gray stone has indentations which vaguely suggest a human face. When attuned, it allows its owner to transmute his flesh into stone. When this power is activated, every part of the character's body hardens into rock. This process is fairly rapid, but not instantaneous; it takes a full turn for the petrification to complete. Oddly enough, the type of stone into which the character is transformed will vary depending on his skin color; very fair-skinned people will turn into marble or limestone statues, those with darker complexions will become sandstone, and extremely dark-skinned people will become obsidian.

While in statue form, a character gains +8B/+4L soak, and takes damage as an inanimate object (Exalted, p.239). For every four cumulative levels of damage inflicted on him, he loses one health level. All of his senses function normally (although he obviously cannot move his eyes or sniff the air), and he may freely use any powers which do not require him to move. He is completely indistinguishable from a normal statue to any physical sense, although magic which detects life or thought will register him. Only his body, and the artifact in which the hearthstone is set, are turned to stone; his clothes, and anything else he may be carrying, will remain unaffected.

The stone's power may only be used twice per day (once to turn into a statue, and once to turn back), but there is no limit on its duration. Characters in statue form do not need to eat or drink, but do require sleep (which can be a tricky proposition when one cannot close one's eyelids).

Stone of the Immovable Mountain

Manse •••
Trigger: None.

This rough-textured, cubical brown stone is very heavy, and emits a constant bass hum, so low-pitched as to be almost inaudible. When attuned, it roots its owner to the ground beneath her feet, making her as stable as a stone mountain. The impact of blows dissipates harmlessly into the earth. Very powerful attacks, or magical effects that produce knockdown, may produce enough force to cause the ground under her to buckle and crack, but will still fail to move her.

Mechanically, this power raises the character's bashing soak by 2, and prevents her from being picked up, thrown, knocked down, or pushed back -- even by magic -- unless she chooses to allow it.

This power does not operate unless the character is actually standing on the ground, or a surface which rests directly on the ground (e.g., pavement).

Virgin's Tear

Manse •••
Trigger: Concentration (Reflexive).

This egg-shaped gemstone is ivory colored and smooth to the touch. When attuned, it allows its bearer to draw great strength from her purity. As long as she remains a virgin, she may roll her Temperance + Conviction every morning to regain Willpower, rather than her Conviction alone. In addition, she may completely shake off any effect which would lower her inhibitions or cause her to engage in carnal acts by making a Willpower roll. This roll is reflexive, and difficulty 1 for mundane aphrodisiacs and seduction attempts; in the case of magical powers, the difficulty is equal to the permanent Essence of the character using the power.

Characters who are not virgins, but remain abstinent while wearing the stone, may use it to resist seduction but cannot use it to regain Willpower. If a character attuned to the Virgin's Tear has sex, or behaves in a lustful manner, she immediately loses all its benefits (except for increased Essence regeneration) forever.

Level 4

Fly In Amber Stone

Manse •••• 
Trigger: Touching the stone to a target.

This irregularly-shaped hearthstone looks like a piece of amber. When attuned, it gains the ability to rapidly expand and envelop a target, encasing it in a durable crystalline shell. In order to activate this power, the stone's owner must touch it to the target; it immediately grows big enough to encase an object up to the size of a large ox.

The amber casement is very durable, but not indestructible. It can be broken just like any other hearthstone -- due to its great size, finding a natural seam requires only an hour of inspection, rather than days. It can also be smashed apart by brute force; it has 20B/12L soak, counts as an inanimate object, and can sustain 40 health levels of damage before the stone is damaged to the point that it becomes inert. Finally, extraordinarily puissant beings may burst the stone from within; doing so is a level 20 feat of strength. Any of these methods will render the stone inert, causing it to swiftly sublimate into a cloud of sticky, pine-scented vapor.

While the Fly In Amber Stone's special power is in use, it is obviously much too large to fit into any conventional hearthstone socket; barring extraordinary measures, it will lose attunement and shrink back to normal size over the course of 24 hours, freeing whatever is trapped inside it. As long as attunement lingers, its owner may also cause it to shrink down to normal size at will, as a Simple action.

The stone's power is explicitly useable in combat. Touching it to the target requires a successful unarmed attack (while holding the stone); it can also be thrown or launched from a sling. If an attack with the stone hits with at least three net successes, it encases the target. With fewer successes, it still expands, but only after bouncing off or grazing past the target. In the case of hand-to-hand attacks, fewer than three net successes means that its owner failed to let go of it in time, and has been caught inside it himself.

Living things encased in amber suffocate, as per the rules for drowning (Exalted, p.243), with one difference: once they are reduced to Incapacitated, they stop taking damage and enter a state of suspended animation. Once they are released from the stone, their hibernation ends and they will recover the damage as normal.

Gizzard Stone

Manse ••••
Trigger: Swallowing rocks.

This shiny, irregularly-shaped hearthstone looks like a polished rock. When attuned, it causes its bearer to experience a curious change in his digestive functions: until the Gizzard Stone becomes deattuned, his stomach will magically polish and transmute any rocks which enter it.

After swallowing stones, the character can regurgitate them any time he wishes, as a Simple action. The longer he holds them in his stomach, the more valuable they will become. After about a week, they will become pretty but not highly valuable stones, such as quartz or agate. Ater a month, they will be semi-precious stones such as amethyst or topaz. After a season, they will be valuable gems such as sapphires and rubies. Regurgitated gems are polished but uncut, and are likely to contain flaws.

Regular use of this power allows the character to live as though he had a Resources rating equal to his base Stamina. This assumes that the character swallows as much gravel as his stomach can safely hold. If the Gizzard Stone becomes deattuned, its user immediately vomits up the entire contents of his stomach; like voluntary regurgitation, this consumes his dice action for the turn.

Guardian Gem

Manse ••••
Trigger: Concentration (reflexive).

This hearthstone resembles a very large rough diamond. When attuned, it causes a thin film of flexible adamant to form on the bearer's skin. If the bearer wishes, this film can instantly harden into impenetrability, channeling the full force of a blow into the Guardian Gem. Mechanically, the character may choose to reflexively activate this power in response to any attack with a physical component. The attack does no damage, and produces no other effects; all of its force is redirected to the hearthstone. This power's use may be declared after attack and defense rolls, but must be used prior to resolving damage (or any other touch-delivered effect, such as Soul Mastery or Ox-Stunning Blow).

Using the Guardian Gem's special power causes it to immediately shatter, but it will reform at its Manse as normal. Use of the power also causes the admant shell surrounding the character's body to disintegrate into a myriad of brittle shards, which quickly flake off her skin and disintegrate into sand. Particularly powerful attacks may cause the adamant shell to burst forcefully off her body, flying through the air to shatter harmlessly (but impressively) against the ground, her attacker, and anything else which may be nearby.

Lodestone of Extraordinary Puissance

Manse ••••
Trigger: Concentration (dice action requiring no roll). 

This silvery stone looks like a large, egg-shaped lump of iron. Its wearer gains the ability to attract or repel metal with a thought. A character can only pull objects directly towards herself or push them directly away; she can't cause items to hover in the air, or lift things which she is not already above. However, it can be fine-tuned to only affect objects the character wants it to. Activating this power counts as a dice action that requires no roll, but is counted as one of the character's actions for the turn. It can only be used once per turn. The character must decide which mode (i.e., attract or repel) to use when it is activated.

The repelling power raises the difficulty of any attacks made against the character with metal weapons by her permanent Essence. This includes projectiles, such as throwing knives or metal-tipped arrows. Furthermore, people wearing metal armor or similar accoutrements (or beings composed of metal) suffer a further +1 difficulty penalty to any hand-to-hand attacks made against her.

When used in combat, the attracting power is resolved as a disarm attempt, except it has a range of five times the character's permanent Essence in yards, cannot be parried or dodged, and the opponent's Wits + Ability roll is made at a difficulty of half her permanent Essence (round down). This can affect multiple opponents at the same time, although since all the weapons will fly through the air directly toward the character, she would be wise to only use it on as many weapons as she is confident she can catch.

Outside of combat, the magnetic powers are normally used to move things. Consider this to have a range of five times the character's permanent Essence in yards, and to act with an effective Strength score equal to three times her permanent Essence. As noted previously, it can only act in a straight line towards or away from the character.

Stone of Invincible Will

Manse ••••
Trigger: None.

This cubical stone is a silvery blue color, like tempered steel. When attuned, it hardens the wearer's heart and mind, making him almost impossible to influence. The character automatically becomes aware of any magical effect which would affect his mind or emotions, and may completely resist any such effect by spending a point of Willpower. Any nonmagical attempts to persuade him, or otherwise influence his opinions, suffer a difficulty penalty equal to his Conviction score.

Level 5

Crystal of the Frozen Moment

Manse •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Reflexive).

This stone looks like a round lump of flawless amber, with a single petrified insect suspended in its heart, apparently in mid-flight. When attuned, it can bring everything around itself to a brief but complete halt. The stone's bearer concentrates intently, and all motion within 100 yards ceases. Arrows and birds halt in mid-air, water ceases flowing, and people's hearts stop beating. Even light stops moving, giving the air an odd, solid look.

Mechanically, activating the stone is a reflexive action. The character, and all others within the area of effect, lose all physical actions until her initiative next turn. This explicitly includes actions generated by Charms, even reflexive actions; however, purely mental actions, such as Charm activation, are not affected (although Instant-duration Charms which require or produce any kind of motion -- even blasts of intangible energy -- produce no effect). Any force encountering the border of the stasis bubble is immediately dissipated; nothing from outside can enter it until it fades.

Moving things caught in the Crystal's effect do not begin moving again when it ends; all of their momentum is dissipated by the stone's magic. After the frozen moment ends, projectiles will fall straight down, and large objects which were in motion will probably stand still (unless circumstances would cause them to start moving again. For example, a boulder would start rolling again if it were halted halfway down a steep slope -- but a boulder on a gentle grade might not). Flying creatures will probably fall unless they are held up by a continuous effect; staying aloft via mechanical means (beating wings, gliding, and the like) requires a Wits + Ability roll at difficulty 3. The Ability used is the one which normally governs the flight (e.g., Athletics for actual wings, Ride for a Haslanti glider, Sail for a larger airship).

This power may be used once per day. It is a perfect effect, and ignores applicability.

Gem of Crushing Weight

Manse •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This cubical white stone exudes a sense of great mass, even though it is not really all that heavy. Its wearer can influence gravity with his mind, causing objects to become much heavier than normal. Using this power requires intense concentration, and consumes the character's dice action for the turn. He also cannot take any movement action while maintaining the effect. This power affects an area no more than ten yards in radius.

Any person caught within the zone of increased gravity cannot move more than two yards per turn. She halves her initiative and any dice pools for physical actions, and doubles falling damage and the difficulty for resisting knockdown or any other effect that would cause her to fall over. If she does fall down, getting back up requires a Strength + Athletics roll at difficulty 4.

Inanimate objects or structures affected by this power will probably collapse under their own weight if they are not very sturdy. They are also twice as hard as normal to lift or pick up (if they were portable to begin with).

Resolve-Strengthening Essence Nugget

Manse •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This irregularly-shaped stone has a dark bronze color, and a metallic sheen. When attuned, it allows the bearer to fortify her will by drawing upon the limitless power of the world's Essence.

A character attuned to the Resolve-Strengthening Essence Nugget may choose to activate its special power by performing a brief mental exercise (which consumes her dice action for the turn). When she does this, the Nugget immediately ceases providing motes of Essence. Instead, for every ten motes the character would have gained from the Nugget (and only from the Nugget), she instead gains a point of temporary Willpower. Barring extraordinary circumstances, this means she will regain one point every hour, or two every hour if in the Nugget's Manse.

This power can raise temporary Willpower above its normal maximum, although at a decreased rate. If the character is already at her normal Willpower maximum, the Nugget will grant her extra Willpower at the rate of one point for every thirty motes she would have normally gained from the stone. This cannot raise her temporary Willpower past ten.

The character may choose to deactivate the Nugget's special power at any time; like activating it, this is a Simple action. When this happens, she immediately loses any Nugget-granted Willpower points beyond her normal maximum, and begins regaining motes as normal. Any "banked" motes (i.e., motes which were counted toward Willpower recovery, but did not add up to the amount necessary to regain a full Willpower point) are lost. The owner does not get them back, and they are not counted toward Willpower recovery when the Nugget's power is reactivated.

Stone of Inviolate Peace

Manse •••••
Trigger: Polite nonagression.

This spherical gem is pure white, and much heavier than it looks. It calms the hearts and soothes the minds of all those around it. As long as the stone's bearer behaves in a calm, nonviolent fashion, anyone who is aware of his presence will be unable to attack him, or even to become angry at him. Even his sworn enemies will find themselves unable to raise their hands against him. Rudeness on the part of the bearer (e.g. taunting, refusing a reasonable request for privacy, insisting that someone pay attention to him when they have genuinely pressing business to attend to, barging into a meeting uninvited) breaks the spell, as does any violent action.

The Stone of Inviolate Peace does not make people become stupid, nor does it alter their opinion of the bearer. Those under its effects are no more likely than normal to agree with what the character says or do what he tells them to do; they'll just express their disagreement (or desire to see him burn in hell, as the case may be) in a civil fashion. In addition, it offers no protection against unintentional harm. The character can be caught in massive magical blasts or hit by stray arrows, although it will prevent such things from happening "accidentally-on-purpose."