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Level One

Stone of Power

Aspect: Solar
Trigger: None (constant).

This almost spherical stone, cut and shaped like a blue star sapphire, grants its bearer +2 to his Strength + Athletics pools for the purposes of lifting and breaking things. This applies both to the Feats of Strength Chart and to damage dice pools against inanimate objects.

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

Immaculate Resolution Stone

Aspect: Earth.
Trigger: None (constant).

This stone appears to be some type of pearl, but oddly faceted, as though it were a gemstone. Roughly egg-shaped, it is about twice as long as a grown man's palm, flattened on one side. This powerful stone infuses the attuned character with the resilience of Earth. While the character possesses the stone, she gains an additional -1 Health Level and two additional -2 two Health Levels. Also, her Virtues are increased by 3 for the purposes of determining the effect of social damage (see Hapushet/SocialFu for details).

Level Five