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Perea, the Sunless Sea

Sobriquets: The Sea of Shadows, The Black Ocean, Sailor's Bane

Perea is that which calls the mortal soul to its final rest. It is the endless black ocean on the western border of the underworld, still as glass, ungraced by the light of any celestial body. Occasionally, ghost-relics of the burial barges of Westerners manage to find their way onto the Sunless Sea, memorial bonfires once again flaring into light. The boats, still escorted by a small flotilla of colorful small paper lanterns, continue on their westward journey into the unknown without the benefit of sail or other means of propulsion, until they come to a point analogous to the Elemental Pole of Water. There, the ghostly passenger is startled to pass near a giant nude woman, or a statue -- the light from the boat's bonfire and the lanterns are far too dim to discern which. She is seemingly made of the same obsidian-like substance as the sea itself. This figure stands upon the water without benefit of visible platform or raft, arms crossed over her chest in a formal but relaxed burial repose, head tilted slightly toward the sky as if in calm, reverent contemplation.

This figure is Perea, or a statue to mark the heart of her domain, or one of her souls. Nobody knows for sure, for those who have traveled far enough to encounter her are unlikely to return. The ghostly boats continue into the infinite West, despite all efforts to turn or slow them, and what they may find there is not recorded. Those who abandon their craft are consumed by the hungry ghosts and other monstrosities dwelling beneath the calm depths of the water.

Phantasms of Perea

  • Cecanti, He Who Surmounted Her Name, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich Soul of the Sunless Sea
    • The Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Waters, Deathlord, Expressive Soul of He Who Surmounted Her Name
  • Grabile, the Grinding Woman, Phantasm of the Third Circle
    • Ebony Wave's Kiss, Deathlord, Wisdom Soul of the Grinding Woman